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The talk of marketing in any business can not be over-emphasized. And no matter how huge or successful your school is, you still need to let people know about your school which is where marketing comes in.

Many times we have gone over the two marketing methods that we have, the traditional and digital marketing methods. Their pros and cons have also been discussed. Have you then been able to settle for a method of marketing for your school?

We have come to realize that most schools do not have a plan when it comes to marketing. They only do what they feel is working for other competitors (schools). It is true that you market to beat your competitors, but are you doing it the right way?

Which Method is the best for you?

Before you even start any marketing of any kind, you need to ask yourself this question – where is my target audience? The people you are trying to reach out to, where are they?

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Not being able to answer this question is where most schools miss it, and it feels like all that they do is failing. So to answer that question in your mind, which is better for you, digital or traditional marketing? Let us be sincere with you, these two methods work. Yeah, they do! But it totally depends. Let me explain.

If you wish to reach larger, younger millennial parents, digital marketing (website, SchoolsCompass, Social media) is your best plug. Whereas if you want to reach local, old parents, traditional marketing (radio, TV, billboard) may be more productive.

But if the parents in your school cut across both old and young, your best option is to implement a combination of the two, which is also known as integrated marketing. Can you now see why it is crucial for you to know your target audience before embarking on any marketing plan?  

Integrated Marketing 

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There were times when a clear-cut distinction was placed between digital and traditional marketing, but now the two can be implemented in a marketing strategy. The combination of both traditional and digital methods gives a boost that most schools are now taking advantage of. Split your budget between the two while weighing more towards the digital method. Take advantage of the increasing online trends while still maintaining your offline presence – this is the key to a perfect marketing strategy.

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