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It’s not too early to start planning your kid(s) future. But how do know if they will have the same interest in things as you? What kind of career should they go for? The best way to find this out is by knowing what they love to do and ensuring that you exhibit everything in your power to see that it become a career to them. With the help of the internet, it is now very easy for many to find companies online that are in search of interns or even get full-time jobs.
So when do you start looking out for your kids? For very young kids, the answer is still not available yet. However, by understanding what interests them now and following a few basic steps, you can find their desired career path.
Some potential careers for kids:
1. Medicine
2. Law
3. Technology
4. Engineering career
5. Sports career
6. Entertainment career
7. Business career
8. Military career
9. Science career
10. Politics career
In this article, we will be looking at 5 ways by which you as the parent can help your kids make an informed decision about college programs or career choices.


1.   Identify their Interests

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The number step to selecting a career path for your kid is identifying their interests. We advise against forcing our career or goals on our kids. Most parents do this – because you are a doctor, lawyer, or engineer does not mean your child is interested in such a field. To identify their interests, you have to take note of the kind of activity such child likes, his favorite sport, the subject he enjoys the most and all. These will serve as a foundation for what the kid might end up loving.


2.   Narrow down Career Options
Selecting the desired career path can be very stressful not for the parent, but for the kid as well. Kids tend to have varying interests as what they like between ages 3-5 will be different from what the kid will like after getting to high school and college. Once you have been able to actually identify the interest of the child, let’s say Technology, you then have to outline every possible career options that are under technology that the kid can select as a lifetime career.


3.   Take Career Quizzes

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If perhaps you are having trouble identifying their interests, there are various online career quizzes that can help them discover their career interests. Choosing the right career for your child can be tricky especially if you have no idea what their interest is. That is why career quizzes are of great help in achieving this goal. Print out career tests and career quizzes from the internet for your children and have them complete them. When you find an online career quiz that sounds good for your child, let them take the test and be sure to guide them. You likewise should stay updated with the education news always!


4.   Familiarize them with the Market World
You can help your child enter career planning in a more reality-based and informed way by encouraging them to get information on career options from as many different sources as possible. Keeping up-to-date on career trends is an excellent goal for you and your kids to aim for, especially if they’re entering career planning at a younger age.

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Parents do not like to see their kids struggle in a career they do not like, but choosing the right fit does not come easy. As explained, understand what you child likes, his strength and weakness. And do not force any area on them, rather listen to them talk about their skills, hobbies and best subjects. Look for ways that those qualities can intersect with possible careers so that both parties are satisfied.

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