Back To School: Words Of Advice From Us To You, School Owners

Dear school owners, it is resumption time! Thanks to God for keeping us throughout last year and the holiday. Now that schools have resumed, we want to advise you and we believe that they will help you if you make use of them. We at SchoolsCompass wish you all good health, wisdom, knowledge, understanding, safety, and success throughout the new term. Happy Resumption!

Last year was an unusual and challenging one for most schools. It became difficult to plan ahead, as uncertainty loomed in the country. But while this was happening, students were still able to learn without being disturbed. This was all owned to the fact that a new system of learning was improvised by schools, which is the hybrid system of learning.

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As the new term begins today, we want all school owners to not relent in ensuring that the best form of learning and academic activities are carried out in the school. You should also have in mind that every part of the school work is a learning process that helps to prepare their students for the future of their dream.

As we resume this week, let us not forget that COVID-19 is still out there. Every guideline slated by the government should be followed.

  • Students should always have their masks on.
  • Wash hand basins and soaps should be made available at the entry of the school.
  • Visitors’ movement should be restricted to areas where there are no students.
  • Hand sanitizers should also be provided.

We all know that young ones are more susceptible to the virus, let us do all we can to ensure that they are well-protected.

In addition, let us frown at any form of bullying in our schools. As school owners and parents, we should put in place rules and regulations that prohibit fighting amongst students. Teachers should also be tasked with monitoring the students and their activities in the classroom and in their hostels.

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Lastly, the pandemic has proven time and again that no matter the situation, educators will rise to the occasion to meet the needs of their students. The same is said of parents. Parents no longer want to stay on the sidelines of their children’s education. Let our relationship with parents go beyond the parent-teacher conference. We should be engaging parents in discussions about the content and curricula we’re planning for the year and providing them with resources and strategies to support their child’s education.

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