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Most times, when people talk about Saint Valentine’s Day, what comes to mind is love sharing between boyfriend and girlfriend and couples. The kids are often forgotten, but as a company that is child-centered and parent-oriented, we are a proponent of Valentine’s Day being a love-sharing celebration among all family members.

Therefore, in this post, we will talk about family Valentine ideas that your children would love.

Let’s get started with the family Valentine ideas.

1.   Express love and appreciation

On the morning of Valentine’s Day, call all members of the family together and ask everybody to say one thing or two they love about one another. Siblings should say what they love about one another, and what they love about daddy and mummy. Also, daddy and mummy should say what they love about each other and what they love about the children.

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2.   Make a Valentine-themed Dinner

Since this years’ Valentine is on a Monday, the whole house might not be able to have breakfast together. This can then be done at dinner. Cooking and serving a Valentine-themed dinner is an awesome family Valentine idea that your kids would love. You can prepare any special dinner that would make the day memorable.

3.   Watch movies together

Another family Valentine idea is to turn your living room into a mini cinema after dinner and watch movies together as a family. Some evergreen family movies you can watch include Shrek, Beauty & the Beast, Tangled, Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella Story, among others. And, of course, you want to have popcorn around!

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4.   Have a Valentine Decoration and Photoshoot

Since you would want to post the images of the decoration and photoshoot on social media, it’s advisable you implement this family Valentine idea a few days before Valentine’s Day. You would want to get all members of the family – including the kids – to decorate the house in a Valentine theme and call a professional photographer for a photoshoot.

You then need to get the images and post them on social media on Valentine’s Day and watch out for lots of likes and comments.

5.   Give handwritten note or greetings card

Sharing handwritten notes and greetings card is an interesting way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your family. On the day, you can write Valentine messages for kids in a handwritten note, or write the messages in a blank greetings card and present it to your children. You definitely want to join the handwritten note or card with adorable gifts.

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