6 Ways You Can Be a Good Mentor for a Child

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Children tend to mimic their parents’ behavior at an early age. We can say that at that stage of their life, they see us the parents as their mentors. However, these days most parents place more value on school grades than good behavior. Although good grades are important, developing the right sets of behavior will help your child in the future. With our kids spending most of their time with us, this is a great opportunity to provide them with the mentorship they need to become responsible adults in life. Here are some ways to mentor your kids at home.


Be Flexible

The truth is if we are to train our kids the way our parents trained us, they’ll end up hating us for life. That ‘African’ training we were all exposed to won’t work on this set of kids we are bringing into the world now. Mentor your kids according to what they know and be willing to learn from them. The best way to be an effective mentor is to make your mentee (child) know that you’re relatable and approachable.


Be a Good Example

Kids learn by what they see their parents do. So if you want them to learn good moral behavior, they have to reflect on such too. It can be something as simple as cleaning up or being nice to someone. Remember that children learn by example and since you’re their mentor, they will emulate your behaviors.

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Engage in Fun Activities

Engaging in activities with your kids will help you learn more about their personalities which you can help develop afterward. Try and do as many things as possible without limitations. Remember that you’re assuming the role of a mentor and not a parent. Therefore, you should give them free will to run around and have fun.


Pick Interest in Your Child

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Do not mix things up, being a parent does not necessarily make you a mentor to your child. Assuming the role of a mentor requires you and your child to share personal information. Taking a sincere interest in your child will help you give better advice and identify their likes and dislikes better. Sometimes, the best thing you can do for your children is to listen to them.


Share Ideas Together

As an adult, you have the upper hand as you are more exposed to the outside world than your kids. This makes you have more idea on how to develop their potential. Give them ideas on how they can be a better version of themselves and also the problems they might be facing. Encourage them to brainstorm ideas then start a conversation on these ideas. In the end, it should be their decision to make.


Introduce Them to House Chores

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There is no better way to teach your kids about responsibility than via house chores. It’s never too early to introduce your kids to house chores. You can start with simple things that won’t make a mess such as unpacking grocery bags, wiping tables, and cleaning their rooms. The most important thing is to get them actively participating in the chores. This teaches responsibility and helps them develop essential skills they’ll need in their adulthood.

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