What Type of Parent are You? – Helicopter Parent

I feel like there should be a school that is dedicated to teaching new parents styles they can employ in parenting their children. In this age that we find ourselves, it seems like a majority of millennial parents are doing next to nothing to ensure that they raise respectable kids. This shift from the old parenting style can be attributed to the introduction of western culture into our own lifestyle.

When we were young, it felt like our parents were too strict when dealing with us. But looking at the kind of children we have now, one would agree that our parents were probably right in their training styles. We won’t deny that some parents overdid it then, but most of us turned out fine.

No as a new parent, you are confused about how to train your own children. Time has changed, and some things that were accepted are no longer acceptable. To shed more light on this, we will be looking at the three (3) most popular parenting styles that parents employ these days.

They are;

  1. Helicopter parenting
  2. Free-range parenting
  3. Tiger parenting



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Imagine how annoying it can be if your manager is calling you from time to time asking for every little detail about work. If you go through this, then you can understand how irritating it can be. This is how your child feels if you keep track of all their step. If you do this from a very tender age, they get used to this and stop being self-sufficient. Your constant assistance can never make them self-dependent.

Most times, parents do this unknowingly, as most do not know what helicopter parenting is. They often think this method of parenting will stop children from being friends with bad companies or provide them with more comfort.


Characteristics of Helicopter Parents

Some of the highlighting characteristics of helicopter parenting are:

  • Limiting children’s abilities and boundaries
  • Too much worried about safety
  • Try their hands on solving issues that children could easily do
  • Building a sense of constant supervision and correction
  • Making decisions on children’s behalf without asking for their input
  • Keep an excessive connection with children’s teachers and coaches
  • Setting boundaries for conversations and not allowing any independence
  • Refuse to allow failure as part of the learning process

If you ask for the meaning of helicopter parents, these are the points in a nutshell.

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Pros And Cons of Helicopter Parenting

Helicopter parenting has pros and cons, just like every coin has two sides. You must know them to understand how to deal with helicopter parents.


Pros of Helicopter Parenting

Satisfied Parents:

With this kind of parenting, children are always under the observation of their parents. Although this affects the kids mentally, so far it makes the parents comfortable – that’s all that matters.


Learning Opportunity for Kids:

Children can be aware of the consequences of some danger as their parents always warn them. Kids can also learn from their parent’s mistakes.


Less Possibility of being Troublesome:

As parents keep strict eyes on their children, kids are less likely to indulge in serious trouble till they reach a certain age.


Constant Update:

Nothing makes a helicopter parent happier than being constantly updated about their kids’ whereabouts and actions. Helicopter parents are constantly updated on their children’s development and crisis. Though it often happens that children tend to hide things from their parents as much as possible when they grow up. But, parents go the extra mile to ensure their children’s activities.


Reliability Personality:

Children turn out to be reliable adults as they have always been under the strict observation of their parents.

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Cons of Helicopter Parenting

Less Confident Children

The helicopter parenting style affects children’s confidence. They suffer from a lack of confidence as they do not have enough chances to face the world.


Least Independent Children

Children’s independence gets disturbed when parents are constantly in charge of their activities. They do not get the autonomy to choose anything at all.


Secretive Kids

Helicopter parenting often results in secretive kids who are likely to hide things from their parents. They cherish their sweet taste of freedom whenever they get the chance.


Overreacting Children

What if someone constantly pokes you for a job? Won’t you feel too stressed? Your child is no different. They also feel overwhelmed by constant poking from their parents.

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