ExamGuide Computer Based Testing and Learning App is a purpose-built application meticulously crafted and tailored by academic professionals to empower students with comprehensive study resources and robust assessment tools, ensuring not only adequate preparation but also a thorough evaluation of their exam readiness.

In a world where success demands innovation, ExamGuide Applications stands out as a beacon of technological advancement, reshaping the landscape of studying and exam preparation. We have ExamGuide application for UTME (Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination) by JAMB, SSCE (Senior School Certificate Examination) by WAEC, BECE/JSSCE (Basic Education Certificate Examination/Junior School Certificate Examination) by NECO, NCEE (National Common Entrance Examination) by NECO.

Let’s delve into the transformative power of ExamGuide JAMB CBT Software, ExamGuide WASSCE CBT Software, ExamGuide BECE CBT Software, ExamGuide NCEE CBT Software, etc. Designed to empower students, sharpen their skills, and ensure that success becomes not just a goal but a reality.



Statistical data over the years has consistently shown that focused-based studies lead to outstanding performance from students. On the back of this information, we assembled a large database of exam past questions in the ExamGuide application spanning over 20 years of each of the exams covered under our series.

We also used the syllabus of each exam we covered to create model questions to complement the question bank. Our aim is to be sure that a student who painstakingly goes through all of the content will not meet any question he/she is not familiar with on the main exam day.

ExamGuide provides a simulated exam environment that mirrors the actual exam conditions. This immersive experience ensures students gain firsthand familiarity with the exam structure, allowing them to direct their focus squarely on mastering the content that truly matters.



ExamGuide adopts a thoughtful design approach where each question is intricately linked to specific topics within the syllabus. Recognizing that students’ syllabus coverage may vary, and certain topics might not be relevant for a particular class curriculum (for instance, an SS2 coursework may exclude elements found in the SS3 syllabus), our application provides a solution to prevent unnecessary frustration during practice.

Our innovative design allows students to practice selectively by topics, enabling them to focus solely on the topics they have covered. By choosing specific topics to practice from, students can tailor their sessions to align with their coursework, ensuring a more personalized and efficient learning experience without the unnecessary distractions of irrelevant content. This ensures that ExamGuide caters to the unique needs and progress of each student, making exam preparation more targeted and effective.

ExamGuide application offers users the flexibility to decide a lot of things. You decide;

  1. The topics questions should come from, you can also select all.
  2. Number of questions
  3. Number of subjects
  4. The year to practice from or you can randomly pick questions from all the years
  5. You can choose to shuffle questions or shuffle options (This will be very useful in a school setting where you have many students practicing at a go to minimize malpractice)
  6. The time
  7. Mode of study (We have 3 different modes: PRACTICE MODE allows you to answer all questions within what you selected, get timed, submit, and see score analysis and corrections with detailed explanation. MOCK MODE allows you to practice, get timed, submit, and see detailed result analysis but no correction. STUDY MODE is not timed, you can see answers to the questions with details solutions on the fly.



We recently introduced an innovative feature, Classroom. This feature is a comprehensive learning platform that comprises three key components: curriculum-based study materials, interactive exercises, and an AI Tutor powered by Chat GPT.


A. Curriculum Based Offline Study Materials

Each subject is accompanied by PDF notes, meticulously structured to align with the exam syllabus. These notes are not only concise but are also enriched with relevant graphics, making complex concepts easier to grasp. They are comprehensive enough to be alternatives to test books.


B. Gradable and Interactive Exercises

Under every topic, there are exercises comprising objective and subjective questions drawn to extensively cover the topic. A student can take the exercise as many times as possible until the pass mark of 80% is reached after which corrections will be shown. This is done to make sure a student goes through the study notes before attempting the exercises. The AI tutor can be called into action during the exercise, but we designed this to only guide you to the correct answers and never to answer them for you.


C. AI Tutor – Powered by Chat GPT

In collaboration with Open AI, we have integrated tutoring services powered by Chat GPT. Through prompt engineering, we’ve tailored our AI to function strictly within the confines of the syllabus, acting solely as a tutor.  The AI tutor has been strictly curtailed to only answer questions related to the topics in the context of the particular study. (You have nothing to worry about as this feature cannot be abused by the students)

Our AI Tutor is a versatile tool that adapts to various settings. During study sessions, the tutor is designed to provide comprehensive assistance related to the topic at hand. However, during tests, the tutor’s role shifts from providing direct answers to guiding users towards discovering the solutions independently. This ensures a genuine learning experience while maintaining the integrity of the testing process.



ExamGuide Practice application users have access to participate in a series of mock exams we conduct for our users before the main exams. They include ExamGuide UTME CHALLENGE, EXAMGUIDE BECE CHALLENGE, EXAMGUIDE WASSCE CHALLENGE, EXAMGUIDE NCEE CHALLENGE and the same applies to all other Exams under our series.

We try to replicate the main exam conditions in these challenge competitions to enable students to get accustomed to the exam structure. Top scorers are rewarded with cash prizes for their performance. At the end of each round of the mock exam, students see their scores and ranks with respect to other candidates; this can be a way of motivating them to put in their best in other to appear on the leaderboard thereby getting them set for the actual examination.

Over the years, we have seen a close relationship between the scores of our mock exams and the actual exams. We can make a bold claim that if a candidate fully participates and keeps improving on performances in the series of mock exams, there is a high chance that they will surpass their best mock exam performance in the actual exam.



ExamGuide practice application offers a comprehensive performance analysis that delves into detailed trends. Students gain valuable insights through a breakdown of their scores according to specific topics. This feature proves invaluable as candidates can effortlessly identify areas requiring improvement, enabling them to strategically focus on them during their study sessions. ExamGuide CBT Software also provides detailed breakdowns concerning the time spent on each question and overall speed, offering a holistic view of their performance dynamics.

For devices shared among multiple users, ExamGuide practice software ensures individualized result tracking. By maintaining distinct usernames during practice sessions, users can access personalized result histories and analyses. This innovative feature allows each user to monitor their progress independently, fostering a tailored and enriching learning experience for all.


ExamGuide also includes educational games that can be used for relaxation while learning at the same time, question search, leader board, dictionary and so many other amazing features that cannot be exhausted in this piece



The JAMB CBT Software contains over 35000 JAMB UTME real exam past questions, plus syllabus-based model questions with answers and detailed explanations. ExamGuide JAMB UTME practice app for Android and PC is designed to help students sitting for UTME get high scores.

In addition to all other amazing features of ExamGuide Series, ExamGuide JAMB CBT App contains a summary of all prescribed literature texts with model likely questions covering the entirety of the literature texts. The JAMB App also contains a career and institution guide.

ExamGuide JAMB practice app is the most trusted source of JAMB past questions and structured study materials for UTME preparation. It is a must-have for students desiring to pass the UTME in one sitting.



This contains about 40,000 real exam past questions and answers with detailed explanations provided by qualified, licensed teachers. The questions cover both theories and objectives. The application also contains a summary of all prescribed literature texts with model-like questions from them.

ExamGuide SSCE past question practice software also contains a section called Chief Examiner Report. Here, you see details of how you are expected to approach questions to score full marks. Preparing for senior WAEC with ExamGuide WAEC (West African Examinations Council) past question app is a sure way of making all A’s.




ExamGuide BECE/JSSCE contains about 20,000 real exam past questions and answers with detailed explanations from qualified teachers. ExamGuide BECE Practice app is designed for students in basic education level (Basic 7 – 9) the content spans their entire coursework syllabus.

The lecture materials are provided by teachers who have adequate years of experience in this level of education for long and have mastered the language of students in this age bracket. ExamGuide BECE is a tool sufficient to make a student excel in the exams and come out with flying colors



ExamGuide NCEE is specially designed for students who are in primary school (Basic 1 – 6). The questions are from previous exams organized by NECO for pupils taking entrance exams into secondary school. The app is suitable for any pupil in primary school irrespective of age bracket.

The study materials were scripted by teachers who have adequate teaching experience. They colorfully designed this to keep the child’s interest in reading it for as long as possible. It is a sure success kit for any child. Set your Child on the right footing by downloading and activating ExamGuide NCEE for them.


To download and enjoy these wonderful applications visit https://www.examguide.com/offline

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