Parenting na real work o, and finding the right way to discipline our pikin fit be wahala sometimes. We Nigerian parents get different styles, but na to find the one wey go fit your family well well matter pass.

First thing first, discipline no be about beating pikin anyhow. E get as e go be, and if you no dey careful, e fit spoil things more. We need to sabi say discipline na to teach and guide, no be to instill fear.


Set Clear Rules

E get why rules dey important. Pikin need to know wetin you expect from them. Make your rules clear and simple. For example, “No touch daddy’s phone” or “Always do your homework before you watch TV.” When dem sabi the rules, e go easy to know when dem break am.

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Consistency Is Key

If you talk say no phone for dinner, make sure say you stick to am. Today you go allow am, tomorrow you no go allow am – pikin go confuse. Consistency dey help dem understand say you mean wetin you talk.


Use Positive Reinforcement

E dey important make you dey praise your pikin when dem do well. Naija parents, una know as belle sweet when person praise you. If your pikin do well, even if na small thing, praise am. “Good job, you finish your homework on time!” This one go make dem wan do more good things.


Time-Outs and Natural Consequences

Instead of always shouting or flogging, try time-outs. If your pikin misbehave, make dem sit down for one place for few minutes. E go give dem time to cool down and think about wetin dem do. Also, natural consequences dey work. If dem break their toy, dem no go get another one. E go teach dem to value their things.


Communicate Well Well

Gist with your pikin. Ask dem why dem do wetin dem do and explain why e no good. This one dey help dem understand say you care about their feelings and na why you dey discipline dem.


Be a Good Example

Children dey learn from wetin dem see. If you dey respect people, keep to your words, and handle frustration well, your pikin go learn from you. Na so e suppose be.

Remember say every pikin and family dey different. Wetin work for your neighbor fit no work for you. Take time to understand your pikin and find wetin go fit your family style. Na so we go raise better children for Naija.

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