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Top primary schools that provide quality education at affordable rates in western Nigeria.

You don’t have to pay through your nose for standard education for your child, high quality education can be affordable. Many schools today charge tuition of above a hundred thousand naira and not everyone can afford this.We at Schools Compass have decided to put together a ranking of top schools that develop your child beyond your belief and at very affordable rates.


Dukeland International School maintains a conducive environment that enhances your child’s budding intellect, physique and personality. Dukeland International School, located in Idimu Lagos, also provides facilities and activities that many schools that charge more can not boast of having. On-ground are well-trained teachers who ensure that your child gets all the assistance and encouragement he needs.

At Dukeland International School every child matters, with a well balanced teacher student ratio your child is given appropriate attention . DIS takes pride in transforming children into well adjusted personnel with confidence that speaks for them from miles away. Their motto ‘Together we can’ exhibits their readiness to partner with parents for the benefit of their children. To learn more about Dukeland International School kindly click here

At Dukeland every child is a star


Batmod Nursery and Primary School, located in Ijoko Ogun State, uses Montessori approaches  to learning  with practical classroom activities. Providing for children with special needs, Batmod nursery and primary school has proved to be a place where children from all walks of life come together in a well facilitated learning environment where their individual potentials are valued and built to maximize opportunities.

Highly trained teachers emphasize on literary education as well as the importance of moral and cultural values, making pupils more valuable in any given society.

Batmod nursery and primary school moulds your child from the cradle with the values “MEDRIL” Morality, Excellence, Doggedness, Respect, Integrity and Love.

Find out more about this school here


Overview of S.M Fasinro Memorial School

S.M FASINRO MEMORIAL SCHOOL located in Ilaje, Ajah is interested in not only your child’s today but tomorrow as well. With standard facilities the child is developed not only for his benefit but for the benefit of the nation as a whole. Since 2010 S.M FASINRO MEMORIAL SCHOOL has been breeding great achievers through wholesome education which cuts through mental, physical, social, spiritual and intellectual growth in a stimulating environment where children receive exciting learning experiences that benefits them. With a very affordable rate this school offers so much to your child at little cost to you, find out more about this school exclusively here

We have many more exclusive schools in your area with affordable tuition fees , simply visit here and use our budget per term and location filters to find them all. This will be a continued series, secondary schools with affordable rates will be featured next as well as more schools in more regions in Nigeria. Kindly keep up with our blog to get these updates or visit our website, click here.

With so many primary schools to choose from you will need a little help click here and view our guide to choosing the best.


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