We would all love to constantly supervise our children’s day-to-day activities to ensure they are safe but they need to learn, socialise and grow outside the home.

For your peace of mind and the good of your child choose a school that goes the extra mile regarding safety. Gates and walls are not enough; gates can be opened and walls can be scaled. What then tells you that your child will be safe in your chosen school?

Don’t hold back on your questions. Make sure the administration runs background checks on whoever they hire. Your child would be spending a good chunk of his time with these people, the school should make sure that they are persons of character.

The vale college’s respectable and well- trained teachers.

Humans that a child can emulate because many children look up to their teachers in one way or another. The school should have a staff willing and ready to protect your child from any sort of harassment or discrimination.

Make sure to pick a ‘listening’ school. A school you can communicate with, a school that listens to your fears and observations regarding your child and works with you to solve whatever issue it might be.

The school should be built with the security of pupils and staff in mind. It should include these:

  •       Perimeter fencing and gates
Karis School’s Security team. 24 hours surveillance.
  •      Security guards


  •     Class teachers and front-desk personnel working together with parents should know who picks up and drops off each child.


  • An efficient sign-in\sign-out policy to track people who enter school at all times.


  •     A modern effective fire alarm system


  • CCTV( Closed circuit television) and any other proven security innovation.


  • Blooming Greens Schools’ Finger-print Scanner. Controls access and pick up of students and pupils.


  • In schools where ID badges are provided, all staff should wear said badges at all times

We hope these tips help you in your search for the perfect school for your child. You can use our website, which has a wealth of schools for your search simply click here

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