The classroom is the activity hub of the school, a school is merely a construct of stone without the classroom.

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The classroom is where the magic happens, where our angels are imparted with most of the knowledge and skill they need to shine.

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Certain characteristics are essential in a classroom as it is the wheel that shapes the child. All children should feel accepted, comfortable and safe in their classroom for them to reach their potential past the stars.

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Children love bright attractive colors, the classroom should therefore call to the children and engage them.

The ambience should be one that encourages and accepts them, every child should be free to voice their opinions and ask their questions.

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Organisation is an important part of life, humans organise as disorder brings chaos.

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The desks and chairs should be arranged in a systematic manner leaving enough space for legroom.

Organization reduces distraction.


Pupils should have a connection to their classroom, it shouldn’t be impersonal.

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The teacher can put up projects done by the students in strategic corners of the classroom to give it a personal touch.


A happy child learns best.

When a child is comfortable he is less prone to distractions so he will learn and ultimately understand more than the uncomfortable child.

Blooming Greens School

The lighting of the classroom should be good for reading, the atmosphere should be well ventilated and airy.



The Potter

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The teacher is an indispensable part of the classroom. She/He should not only be knowledgeable but ingenious as well. The teacher should be able to understand the pupils, create learning activities students will enjoy  and also able to adapt the curriculum to her classroom.

Photo Credit: Crescent Nursery and Primary School

The teacher has to be one who genuinely cares  about the pupils’ learning and general development.



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