Marketing your school is a very sensitive matter, as first and continued impressions matter to parents. Thanks to the computer age everyone and anyone believe they can market on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and the likes but it takes distinctive skill to utilize it effectively and get you results.

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Virtue of our many interactions with schools we have noticed a practice which  has been hindering their chances at enrollment from more parents in more ways than one.

This practice is requesting a random teacher to handle the school’s online image; and 9 times out of 10 they do not do a good job of it because they see it as extra workload and nothing more.

The internet is a large and very profitable route you can use to show off what you have to present and prospective parents. How do you do that? It’s straightforward, simply:

  • Use the right persons: Utilize skilled individuals to handle your school’s online image.


  • Put up appealing posts on social media: Keep present and prospective parents engaged with posts that matter to them but still connect to your school.


  • Sell your school with pictures: Parents love to see their children’s events but keep in mind that prospective parents are interested in facilities and activities. Many schools fail to strike the balance; they show more events, less facilities.


  • Make sure to utilize your Schools Compass profile: Use all avenues to be seen and easily reached by parents. There is nothing like enough branding, Coca-Cola is one of the best in the world but they still advertise.


  • Soak in as much information on marketing and branding as you can: It might not be your forte, but you are an administrator you need to know about it for the general good of your school. Building your School Brand in the 21stCentury: Not a Rocket Science is an informative seminar to help you grow and maintain your school’s enrollment. It begins on the 27th of June 2017

Entry is FREE! Contact us for more information.

Also thinking offline marketing? Contact an experienced consultant to put strategies in place to help you improve your school.

Under marketing has and is presently killing a lot of schools. Having the goods is not enough anymore, you need to get seen by your target market and at the same time make a good impact on them.


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4 thought on “Getting the most value from school marketing”
  1. Hitting the nail right on the head.
    The issue of how a school manages it’s social media accounts, websites, et all, is one to really look into as I see way too many shoddy attempts, it’s disturbing.

    Speaks volumes about the level of excellence, intellectual/academic ability and general content, that a parent should expect for their child.

    Certainly shouldn’t be ignored…

  2. I am now beginning to enjoy your service pls keep it up. I’ve taken time to encourage many schools to register wt ur organisation pls keep it up don’t disappoint .

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