Turning your eligible online visitors to paying parents is very possible and takes less physical effort than other modes of conversion.

At this point you should have interested potential parents on social media and successfully diverted them to your website on many occasions.

Your online image should have gotten them interested enough to take a step which might be inquiring or visiting your school.

The million dollar question: how do you convert a mild enquiry to an admission? We have the answer, simply:


Follow up on all engagements

Every inquiry is precious none ought to be overlooked. Follow up on all enquiries from all avenues (Facebook, Schoolscompass, Twitter, School website and so on) and follow up fast, the binis will say “as e dey hot!”

Most parents stand on a fence, they want your school but need a little push, an encouragement to help them make their decision. Give them the friendly nudge they need, if you observe any hesitation try to know it’s cause and what you can do about it.

It could be distance, academic programs, special needs and so on if it can be solved help them.

Create a sense of urgency

You can do this by giving a mouth-watering discount for a limited period this entices prospective visitors and the limited period gets them emotionally charged up to take the next step.

Make all necessary tasks to be carried out by prospective parents easy and quick.

Maintain contact  in such a way that prospective parents have little need to visit the school repeatedly but they remain well-versed on developments in the school.

Always keep in mind that today’s parents use time judiciously.

Upskill admissions officer

It is your duty to ensure the admissions officer thoroughly understands his/her role in the school, said understanding should encompass more than the basics of the job.

Your admission officer should be one who easily adapts and is ready to take up tasks that crop up while carrying out their duties.

Parents should be able to reach you easily, update your online reachability constantly put up available numbers on all platform that feature your school. Update your Schoolscompass profile regularly to keep your target market informed on changes and developments.


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