How to help your child love reading

Children are wonderful, few things bring more joy than watching them excel at things they set out to do. Reading is a necessary skill a child should have, despite being absolutely fun it is one of the sure ways to absorb information in today’s society. Reading also widens a child’s horizon, develops his mind and gives more color to his imagination.

Experts claim that the age to learn to read is from ages 6-7 however my personal advise is to begin building your child’s interest in reading as soon as you can. Thinking of how to help your child love books? We have a few tips

Be a good reading example

Children love their parents, they emulate you they want to be like mummy. Let them see you reading on your own, pique their curiosity with how interested you are in books and watch them learn to love books also.

Get the right book

Get them a book you know they will love. Preferably a book with bright pop up pictures and sounds. Does your baby love animals? Get a book with colorful pictures of animals. She loves cakes? You know what to do. Children are naturally curious just use the right book to engage their interest.

Create the right atmosphere

You can create a reading corner in a part of your home solely dedicated to your child’s reading. Distractions should not be welcome in this corner, it should be a sanctuary. Your angel’s attention span is low, do not lose it, you need her complete attention. Televisions, radios, pets or any other distracting factor should not be in this area.

Read with your child

Read with them, make reading fun and enjoyable. Mimic the voices of characters in the book, make animal sounds. You can even make a book with a personalized story you know your child would love and relate to.

Interact while reading

Ask them questions “Do you see the cow?” This will let them know that it is okay to ask questions. It will also improve their interaction and maintain their interest in the activity.

Play with them

Act out a story your child wants to act out. Let her imagination lead the way. At the end of the day three things will be gained:

  • She would learn more than you imagined
  • A bonding moment will be shared between the both of you
  • You will have immense fun

Try these tips and let us know how it went in the comments section. To find a school that will give your child this much attention to develop her reading abilities visit our website here

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