Signals your Child Needs to Change Schools

Firstly any school that allows a teacher use any negative qualifier on your child is not the right fit. Your child is not stupid, she is not incapable she should not suffer for the shortcomings of her teachers. A real educator sees and appreciates the intelligence and ingenuity of each and every child.

Your child is not there for the school, the school is there for your child. The school should provide all the materials she needs to develop wholly in the right environment.

How then do you know the school is not living up to their end of the bargain?

Poor Academic Performance.

The basic purpose of a school is to improve your child academically, an absence of improvement in her school work should ring alarm bells. There could be a reason for it; she could have a teacher that is uninterested, the teacher-student ratio might be highly unbalanced, the curriculum might not be a right fit and so many more. Find out what the problem is, if it can be rectified make sure it is. If it requires a change of class/school make the right choice. You can find schools here

Hurtful words from teachers

Self- esteem is an important aspect of your child’s life. When an adult especially a teacher uses any derogatory remark it is not something to be taken lightly. Take your issue before the school head, make your voice heard and if it does not stop please take your child away from that environment before her esteem is shattered.


Not everyone is an educator

 Sadly not all teachers are good educators, some are highly ignorant of how to handle children’s academic and nonacademic needs . Request a change as soon as you notice the lack in her teacher, if nothing improves after the change then you should find a new educational environment.


Avoiding eye contact

You notice that your formerly confident child is now having issues interacting with adults and her peers, first find out where it stems from. You can begin by talking to your child, her siblings, teachers and any other person that has a strong and present impact in her life. It’s tragic but children still get bullied today, find out what’s wrong and take action.

“I hate school!” 

Many children say this, in fact I can remember saying such but some children say it with so much loathing I fear they might actually be developing a phobia towards academics. Does your child ever come home chattering about anything exciting that happened at school? Or is she always cranky, moody and tired after school? Inquire about her plight because a good school is supposed to be fun and exciting despite the academic workload. Try to see things from her perspective, finding out what is wrong is half the solution.

Stopped reading just for fun.

A child enjoying the process of learning is always willing and ready to show off his skills to even himself. When learning is fun, children enjoy doing it outside the confines of school or homework. If your child only reads or writes when it connects to school you should be concerned because his teacher might not be giving him a good attitude towards academics that he needs to advance in life.

Use your parent gut.

You’re her mum, you know her. If your gut tells you that something’s wrong there is a very very high chance that something is actually wrong so follow your gut.


Remember it’s your child’s life we’re talking about here, it’s not yours. Talk to them, look at it like a partnership, listen to what they have to say and take decisions with their approval. If they are not being fair reason with them make them understand.

Thinking of switching schools? Visit our website to get your pick of schools also read this to know what to look out for when choosing a school in order to avoid repeating previous mistakes.


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