Primary and preschool education ensures the broad-based development of children. Your child is taught to think critically; strive to attain high standards, meet the life challenges.

Photo Credit: Crescent Nursery and Primary School

In today’s technological advanced world the primary school also provides technological education pupils will need.

In order to achieve these goals the school must provide orderly and safe environments, where supervised learning can take place.

Photo Credit: Meadow Hall School, Ikoyi

Specially compiled for you is a list of the Top Nursery and Primary Schools in Ikoyi and Victoria Island

Meadow Hall Schools, Ikoyi


Meadow hall schools run an integrated scheme made up of a superbly merged British and Nigerian curricular as well as co curricular activities that provide students with skills they need in today’s world.

Meadow Hall School raises excellent and Godly children as the staff and administration give children all requirements needed to achieve their highest potential in life.

Present for pupils is a beautiful, safe, stimulating and interesting environment for them to grow and develop.

Meadow Hall School provides pupils a total whole education that serves them anywhere in the globe


Crescent Nursery and Primary School, Victoria Island

Crescent Nursery and Primary School provides an integrated and structured educational programme consisting of a constantly revised Nigerian and British curricula rooted in Islamic etiquettes.

This rich blend of literary education and good islamic orientation offers your child a firm educational background as well as character.

Hence Crescent Nursery and Primary School has become a leading educational institution in the 21st century.


Le Poshe School, Ikoyi

Le Poshe School works with parents to train their children, by providing an atmosphere that equips children to grow academically, physically, psychologically and morally.

Le Poshe School ensures that each child finds acceptance, encouragement and motivation to attain their purpose in life.

Le Poshe School uses up-to-date educational technology to expose children to high value learning experiences with schools and teachers from other countries giving children an extensive, wholesome, unique and inclusive learning experience.



Heritage House School, Ikoyi

Heritage House School considers not just the child’s today but also develops the child’s tomorrow.

Heritage House School utilises the proven Montessori method to encourage the child develop his full potential, in a welcoming and safe atmosphere.

Heritage House School maintains high standards in preparing the child for the next level of education.


 The Foreshore School, Ikoyi

The Foreshore School provides learning and care in the most nurturing, creative and emotionally innovative environment within a secure and immaculate facility.

With enriching programs; a thorough british Nigerian Curriculum and essential co curricular activities the highly qualified team of employees to experience encourage the physical, psychological and academic growth of pupils.

The Foreshore School develops more than academics as the end product is a courteous,considerate, confident and active citizen.

This citizen goes on to positively influence everyone and thing he comes across.

Nouveau Schools, Victoria Island

Nouveau Schools utilise technology and ingenious educational methods in educating children from nursery to primary school in Nigeria.

Nouveau School is dedicated to teaching children to excel in all walks of life using highly trained Nigerian and expatriate staff with years of experience in early childhood, nursery and primary school education. 

Nouveau Schools emphasises on the learning environment as seen in the classrooms, play rooms and other recreational facilities which are designed to world-class educational and technological standards.


Diamonds International School, Ikoyi

Diamonds International School seeks to provide the best possible educational foundation for each pupil.

Diamond International School considers the needs and abilities of each individual child as the staff understand that each child is unique.

In Diamond International School every child given the opportunity needed to succeed in today’s world.


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