Every school owner wants their teachers to be the best. The best teachers make the job of a school head even easier. To be sincere, not all teachers will be the best, but with proper development, they will be able to deliver better services. Among the major task of a school-head is improving the quality of teachers. This is the idea, a good school head is able to help a bad teacher become better, and a better teacher can then teach students well. All these processes are possible, but it takes a lot of dedication, time, and work. When you improve the quality of a teacher, they, in turn, enhance the learning outcome of the students. Development and growth are necessary attributes for an institution to have, with an improved input, you have improved results. We have so many ways by which a school head can improve the quality of a teacher. 

1. Conduct Evaluation

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Before we can know if we are doing something right or not, evaluation of the current process needs to be done. The same thing goes for a teacher, evaluation is crucial when it comes to improving the quality of a teacher. The job of a school head is to occasionally observe the classroom a teacher is in, take note of the areas where they are lacking and where they need help. The evaluation must cover every aspect of the teachers’ work, especially if such teacher has been identified to need improvement. 

As a school head, you are to provide a report after the evaluation might have been completed. The report will then be worked upon to see how the improvement might be implemented. Should the report appear too much, it is advised that you start with the important ones, the correction can then be administered either formally or informally. Informally in the case whereby you notice something while the teacher is in class, you can correct that immediately. 

2. Allow Open Communication

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Do not be the type of boss that teachers will see and start running away. Most teachers are scared of their school-head, so approaching them when there is a problem is challenging. This is why you as a school head needs to be free and support open communication. It means your teachers can easily approach you when there is a problem. Let the communication be continuous, especially for teachers that are in need of advice for growth. Apart from the communication helping the teachers, you also build a long-lasting relationship with your teachers. When you condemn open communication, you build a wall between yourself and the teachers, cutting off any form of relationship that both the teachers and school might benefit from. 

3. Provide Professional Development Programs

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A teacher can be improved when the right development ideas are implemented. One thing you should have in mind is that one plan might work for all the teachers, which is why you need to be sure of which will work for the teachers. When you develop your teachers, it does not only work to their benefit, it also translates to how the students are taught. This means good ideas will produce good results, while improper ideas will give undesired results. Development is needed in the work-life of every teacher, especially for those that in one way or the other requires help. How then do you as a school head support their growth and development? provide them with training and workshops. Because they are teachers does not mean they are done learning, teachers that are given the right training get knowledge on how to manage a classroom better, new curriculum materials and how to use them, how to implement recent technologies in classroom, and become better than before. 

4. Make Teaching Resources Available

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When we talk about development, there is self-development and material development. Not every teacher needs lectures or class before they teach well, what some need might be the right teaching materials. As a school head, it is your job to ensure that teaching materials are made available for the teachers, lack of necessary materials tend to slow down the work of the teacher. Even though the task of a teacher is being able to make the most use of the resources, that does not mean their needs should be neglected. 

5. Mentorship Programs

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These programs are set up whereby old retired teachers pick interest in new teachers and groom them to be better than they are. By doing this, the old teacher can advise the teachers and lead them through their stages of development. Seminar and talks can be organized by the school where veteran teachers can share their stories and give insight on how to do things. To ensure that the program is a successful one, let it be continuous. That is, the teacher in need keeps a constant connection with the mentor. 

6. Self-Evaluation

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Earlier, we spoke about school-head doing an evaluation. Self-evaluation should also be encouraged and firmly established by the school head. This evaluation is done by the teachers themselves, taking note of their progress and challenges. By doing this, they can note their strengths, weaknesses, and how they all can be worked upon. 

Self-development is a crucial part of human life that provides many amazing benefits. Apart from that, the time and resources spent on the development of members of staff will never go to waste; you at the end get a reward that adds to the value of your school. 

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  1. We have read it all, we found out that all the points mentioned above are very relevant and educated enough for the growth and development of a Teacher to Deliver a Quality Teaching Service. Thank you.

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