A website is the most powerful tool for inbound marketing that is used to conduct an effective marketing strategy. In one of our old articles, we explained the concept of Inbound Marketing, and how you can harness it for the betterment of your school. Click here to read more about that. Now that you understand what Inbound Marketing is, let us explain to you how you can use your website to attract more leads to your school.

Most school owners think having a website is just about putting the contact address and pictures of the environments. If that is how it works, social media platforms can also serve the same purpose. The reason for having a website is germane for your school is that it gives you the visibility you want, which is why it is tagged “the most powerful tool for effective marketing strategy”. Is your school website not generating the number of leads you need for your school’s enrollment goals? The blog How NOT to design your School’s Website pointed out things you need to put in place if you really want parents to interact with you. 

Creating an inbound website involves its integration with your inbound marketing plans. Like you have read in the above link that inbound marketing is about creating a website that attracts prospects. You need to make your website look more than just a brochure. Apart from its having every necessary contact details, you should be able to guide parents through their enrollment journey on your website. We are here to put you through on how you can make your website parents-focused. 

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  • Provide worthy content. When you have a prospective parent visit your schools’ website, you need to keep them engaged with relevant content that tends to provide solutions to whatever they are searching for, especially in regards to their children’s educational needs. By meeting their needs, you gain their trust. They start to see you as someone with authority. Have it in mind that it is all about your prospective parents, not your school. 

  • It is not about your school. It is very easy as a school to talk about yourself, ‘Our School, Our Teachers, Our Facilities…’ after all, it is your website. The truth is, the parents do not care, and this might sound unfair on your own part. What they truly care about is how you are going to solve their problems. One way to go about this is by having the parents in mind when creating your content, “preach benefits, not features”.

  • Every parent has a pain point, i.e. something they want a solution to. If your content is able to identify with their pain point, they will see your school as one that can provide what they need. Also, let whatever your content is, set you apart from other schools. The thing is, if a prospective parent searches for your school through the search engine, chances are they might still use it to look for other schools. So offer them something different and unique that would make the prospects stick around to learn more about your school.

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  • Show them you have helped other parents. There is nothing more convincing than people seeing results that something actually works. These prospects need to be assured that your school is actually capable of helping them, you can do this by sharing testimonials, which can be in form of a quote, video, or narratives of other families that have enjoyed your services. Once they see this, it boosts their trust in you. 

  • Convince your prospective families faster by assuring them that you’ve helped other families like them before. Prospects need to be assured that your school has helped other families solve their problems. They’ll immediately look for this on your website to reinforce their feeling that you can be trusted.

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You can now see that being parent-focused does not require much from you? As long as you can maintain this, you will see improved changes in how parents engage with your school. Prospective parents are constantly in search of solutions to their problems, you can help them by letting your website provide parents with relevant information that will help solve their problems. This is better and more beneficial for your school. 


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