Why You Should Consider A Boarding School


“Why not let us register Junior in a full boarding school?” Mr. Charles asked his wife. He added, “you are always coming late from work, and I will not always be around due to my busy traveling schedules. If he is in a hostel, we would be rest assured that he would be getting the amount of attention he would need”.

Mrs. Charles refused, “I will not have my son not properly looked after,” she said. 

“So you think that the uneducated househelp you want to employ will be there to help him with his homework?” Mr. Charles asked. “See”, Mr. Charles continued, “full boarding schools are not the way you perceived them to be. I know you might have heard about how some schools treat their students, but this is a private school we are talking about, there are numerous opportunities our son will get when he is enrolled in a full boarding school”. 

“The reason we want to put Junior in a boarding school is so that he would get the same amount of care we want for him. Apart from this, he will learn the spirit of self-dependency; no househelp to wash his clothes or do his chores, with him in the hostel, he will be able to learn all of these by himself. You would not want our son to become a lazy man, right? Do you now reason with what I have been saying to you?” Mr. Charles asked his wife.

Apart from the benefits Mr. Charles explained to his wife, here are other reasons why you should consider a full-boarding school for your child;

1. The first advantage of being in a boarding school is that there are fewer distractions. Phones are usually not allowed in hostels, the use of televisions and other gadgets is also limited. This allows the students to immerse themselves in school life more fully than in a day school. More like a campus life which enables kids to go “all-in” on academics and extra-curricular activities.

Image Credit: Nobelhouse College

2. There is close supervision. This is the major reason parents even enroll their kids in boarding schools. Rather than leaving them at home unsupervised because of their busy schedules, they are kept in the hostel where the school can help them grow academically and socially. 

3. Self-development: Since the students are on their own, they start to develop the habit of self-dependency, they engage in doing chores themselves. The main purpose of boarding schools is to develop a total child. Students can learn how to manage their time, and balance both hostel and school tasks. 

4. Access to better extra-curricular activities. Education goes beyond the four walls of the classroom, the school environment encourages them to take part in more academic and extra-curricular activities.

5. The school is more like a community open to children from every part of the world. Being in the hostel provides the student with the opportunity to learn and relate with students from other cultures. In a setting like that, they are exposed to a wide range of beliefs, and this teaches them to respect people’s opinions. 

As a full-boarding school, the students have 24 hours a day, 7 days one week. They have full access to facilities; both academic and extra-curricular. The environment which is more like a community gives the student opportunities to develop their talents while they form bonds with their peers that will last forever. Full boarding appeals particularly to those who live a fair distance from their chosen school and to students living overseas.

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