If what you are in search of is how to secure the future of your child (ren), to provide them with the best education out there, we have compiled a list of some of the best boarding schools in the country. It has been identified that one of the best ways to teach children independence is by enrolling them in a learning institution where they are taught productive values. Which other kinds of setting promotes this if not for a boarding school? In a boarding school, students are exposed to so many advantages that their fellow day students cannot get as explained in why you should consider a boarding school. Many parents are of the idea that only students in secondary schools should be allowed into boarding schools, but we are here to inform you that certain primary schools have boarding facilities that make your kids stay in the school a home away from home experience. 

There are thousands of boarding schools spread across the country. However, we have created a list of schools with some of the top full-boarding facilities in the country from Ogun, Lagos, Rivers, Osun States and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). NB – The list created here is based on the schools on SchoolsCompass.

City of Knowledge Academy, Ogun-State

Purposely situated in Ijebu-Ode, Ogun-State where they provide the best boarding facilities away from the distraction of city life. The year of the establishment is 2013 and ranks amongst the best boarding schools in the State. It is a co-educational secondary institution established to provide excellent academic and leadership training for young minds. They have classrooms fully equipped with tech, a rich library, great emphasis on the extra-curricular development of the students, and great exposure to robotics and Microsoft teaching that places the school on the American Mathematics Microsoft Certification in Words and PowerPoint. The students pay N751,000 – N1,000,000 for tuition per term. 

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Rainbow College, Maba

Who does not want their children to shine like a rainbow? Just as their name is, so also is the school. Rainbow College is a secondary school that is situated along the Lagos-Ibadan expressway, Maba, Ogun-State. The school offers a balanced curriculum of Sports, Moral Guidance, and Leadership training. With state-of-the-art hostel facilities, they are able to provide their students with that home away from home experience, coupled with academic excellence that is unparalleled. With awards in Coding and debate, it shows you that emphasis is also laid on co-curricular activities, as they ensure the holistic development of a child. With a tuition fee between N751,000 – 1,000,000, you are sure to secure the best education for your child. 

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Olashore International School, Osun-State

Tagged Nigeria’s premium co-educational secondary school, Olashore is living up to its reputation. Its establishment in 1999 is to create a school that will compete with its counterparts around the world and also offer quality boarding education of an international standard in a serene environment to Nigerians, living at home and abroad and expatriate residents of Nigeria. Their boarding facilities are outstanding, as they ensure the students are not made to lack both in academics and care. With a standard pool, well-equipped classrooms, good rooms, and summer trips outside the country, you are certain that your child (ren) is enjoying learning. The tuition fee per term is between N751,000 – 1,000,000.

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Charles Dale Memorial International School (CDMIS), Port-Harcourt

Charles Dale Memorial International School is one of the best boarding schools in Rivers State. It is a co-educational and multi-cultural admitting students both nationally and internationally. It is strictly boarding and has standard living, learning, and recreational facilities. Their academic excellence speaks more for them as they are recognized by the British Council International School Award after being awarded 48 points out of 49. The facilities are very good and meet the academic, technological and social requirements of our students. Within the school, we have well-equipped classrooms, which are bright and spacious. We have interactive smart boards, a separate library, an ICT suite, and several small group-working areas. CDMIS is frequently oversubscribed. Parents are more and more often obliged to go to appeal to gain a place for their child. The tuition fee range per is N501 000 – N750 000.

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Capital Science Academy, Abuja

Investing in your child’s education is something you can never get wrong when you do it rightly. After receiving the award best performing school in FCT, it tells you that Capital Science is not just any kind of school. Their environment is made to support the holistic development of students. A co-educational school that employs talented and dedicated staff, who are effective both in classroom, in extra-curricular activities. They believe in the value of inculcating good habits of self-discipline and hard work from an early age so that these vital behavior traits do not have to be learned in adulthood. Tuition fee range per term is N1, 000,000+.

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Premiere Academy, Lugbe

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Looking for a technologically-inclined institution that meets international standards? Premiere Academy should come to mind. They are a co-educational boarding institution that operates a British Nigerian curriculum. They occupy a spacious and conducive learning environment located in Lugbe Abuja. They have been established since 2005. Their ultra modern facilities are also one of the unique features that stand them out.

Their facilities include Standard Air-conditioned Classrooms, Science and Technical Laboratories, Library, and a Zoological Garden. Their tuition fees are quite affordable as they range between N2,000,000-N2,500,000 per annum with a 10%-15% discount upon enrolment. One of their greatest and most recent achievements was producing the ‘Best Result In Waec 2020’.

So far, they have been endorsed by 1 parent, reviewed by 2 Parents who also rated them 5 stars. To find out more about this lovely school, click here

Trinity International College (TRICOL), Ofada

The dream of every parent is to see their child (ren) excel in life. Education is a crucial step towards ensuring this is made possible. TRICOL is a striving co-educational secondary school situated in the town of Ofada (just like the famous Ofada rice). It offers a friendly, safe, serene and supportive environment that is conducive to learning. The college compound is large enough to offer plenty of varieties. They take pride in their small class size as it allows every student to be properly monitored. Apart from their academic excellence, they have varieties of extra-curricular activities that ensure the students develop academically and socially. Their tuition fee range is N501,000 – N750,000 per term.

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