Most private schools find it difficult to increase their students’ enrollment, and this is a result of the high number of choices available to the students. The programs you offer, the members of staff, and your school tuition are all dependent on the number of students that enroll in your school.

Increasing your student enrollment requires well-coordinated plans and new programs provided by the school. It also requires the cooperation of teachers and administration to devise the most suitable strategy for the school.

In this article, we will talk about how to make use of what makes your school stand out – and how to let everyone know about it.

Creating Attraction – What Makes your school Unique?

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What is that thing that makes your school stand out? What special programs are you offering? What are students proud to enroll in your school?

Every school is different, no school is the same. Being able to express that uniqueness is what is really important. What makes your school unique could be sport, your approach to teaching, being a faith-based school, or special programs. That unique feature is the brand of your school and that is what parents recognize before they enroll their children.  

The special feature or brand is not something you automatically assume. You can figure it out by asking your teachers, students, and parents what they like about your school. Answers from parents will give you an idea as to why they send children to your school. You can even use their replies as a form of promotional images later on your social media channels.

Perhaps you are thinking of standing out and trying new things at your school. There are numerous programs that can catch the attention of prospective parents. These programs all require hiring new staff or training old ones, adjusting the curriculum, and acquiring every necessary resource for the school.

Some of the popular programs that attract students and parents include:

  • Additional languages
  • Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)
  • Outstanding Athletic Programs
  • Music and Performance Programs
  • International Recognition and Awards

Whichever one you pick, let it be a program that sets you apart from other schools in your community. Your school can be an athletic school, or your school offers a foreign language and send students on foreign educational trips to develop the language.

Stand out and be different so that your school will be the only choice for students who are interested in the unique education that you offer.

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