The Secret to Increasing Private School Enrollment – Part 2

In the first part of this blog, we made it known that the secret to increasing enrollment into your school is by standing out – being known for a unique feature or program. We also pointed out some of the educational programs that your school could offer to make it stand out. In today’s blog, we will focus on selling that unique educational feature you are offering to prospective students and parents.

How to Promote your School

With all that being said, the plan has been constructed and you are ready to implement it. This is the time to start reaching out to parents and students. This means you will need to be involved in marketing activities that will preach those unique educational benefits your school has to offer for those willing to attend your school. Marketing a school involves the participation of everyone in the school; the marketing team, staff, students, and even parents of currently enrolled students.

1.   Word of Mouth

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You might be wondering how will students and parents help in marketing your school, it is by Word of Mouth. Word of Mouth Marketing is by far the most effective traditional marketing method of letting the community know about your new programs. Take advantage of the community directly connected to the school: staff, students, and parents. Relaying information to students on newly added programs get them happy, and they can share this with their friends. But still, the real network is via the parents.

Mails of added programs can be sent to the parents with added links to the website for more information. Do not be shy to ask for referrals from your parents, let them share the news about your uniqueness with their friends and families.

2.   School Website

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Parents will research every school online before they consider sending their child to the school, especially in a private school. Improve your website navigation and visual appeal, and include information that is relevant to parents. Having a clean, modern, and easy-to-navigate website can be the deciding factor for parents when choosing a school!  Your school website must communicate the educational benefits of attending your school. Showcase your new programs and how it prepares the students for the next stages of their learning and life. Read more on how to use your website to improve your schools’ brand HERE.


3.   Social Media

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If you’re not into this already, you’re definitely behind. Get a school Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram account, start sharing exciting events, student awards, announcements, and anything else to build your school’s brand. Social media engages students and staff to connect and share their exciting experiences about the school to their audience online. This helps to spread the word about the great things that are happening in the school.

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4.   Partake in Notable Competitions

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Get noticed by your local community by entering competitions that are related to those notable programs you offer. It could be Science, Maths, Sports, Arts, Debate, and so on, having students partake in competition is a good feat for the magazine in your local area.

With this, you keep the name of your school on the lips and in the heart of many parents. Be aware that this is a long-term strategy since you are required to partake in the competition first.  

Starting something new takes time! As students start to take the new classes, they spread the good news to their friends and family, making the work easier for you. Brand building takes time, but it is an effective strategy to increase enrollment in your private school.

Do you have any working strategies for you? Let us know in the comments below.  

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