Importance of Competition in Students Life

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In the animal kingdom, only the fit can survive. This essentially translates to the fact that only the strong and fit can survive. The same principle is often applied to learning – the initial notion is that competition adds unnecessary pressure and stress to young ones. However, nowadays, competition has been identified as a necessary part of learning not only for adults but for children. Multiple studies also show underneath the competition, there is improvement in performance and academic excellence.   

So what are some of the lessons students learn from competitions?

1.   The toughness from a loss

The first time that a child loses in a competition, it can seem like the end of the world to the child. However, Parents need to maturely guide children through the hurt, humiliation, and frustration that comes with loss. Once the child gets over these feelings, over time we will notice the child working harder to win better. Their loss will teach them where they went wrong, what their shortcomings were and over time this attitude of hard work will teach kids to work better and be more resilient in their attitude


2.   Risks Taking

A spirit of competition teaches children the importance of taking a healthy risk instead of only doing activities that they are comfortable with. It teaches kids to step out of their comfort zone and often being averse to new risky activities can keep them from enjoying activities that they may grow to love. Taking risks like taking part in a very new race or enrolling yourself for brand new extra curriculum activity additionally helps build the assurance of youngsters. This confidence can go a long way in serving them as adults navigating a fierce competitive adult world.


3.   Spirit of sportsmanship

Children additionally stand to be told a great deal regarding equity and therefore the right competition spirit in their childhood. They learn that each competition produces losers and winners, however, this doesn’t outline to them which one win or one loss isn’t what makes or breaks them. It teaches youngsters that communication and social skills that competition endows youngsters square measure unbounded.

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4.   Deal with stress

Adult life is full of stress and competition in one’s childhood helps to learn early how to deal with such stress at a basic level. It teaches the child to deal with pressure, stress and in many ways prepares them for an adult life where they do not drown under pressure but have enough coping techniques under their belt.


5.   Winning

We all like to admire sportsmen and girls. People feel bad when they lose, but with resilience, they are able to stand tall and win back. While losing could be a phase in competition, winning is the other side of the coin and competition teaches your kids these facts of life. It permits them to win, respect the opponent and enjoy their win with the right spirit. The competition additionally reminds youngsters that a win nowadays may be a loss tomorrow and thence one should have the proper perspective.

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