A good teacher is a gentle being that is able to hold his audience’s attention, and impact knowledge. Not just anyone can teach and apart from professional knowledge, some habits are also required for one to be tagged as an experienced and effective teacher.  Some of the important habits of an effective teacher include:

1.   Enjoy the Teaching

Teaching is a very enjoyable profession. You get more value when students love your teaching. If you love children and care for them then students get to open up more. Enjoy every teaching moment to the fullest. Let your passion for teaching shine through every day. The atmosphere in the classroom is free and enjoyable so students give more attention to teaching.

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2.   Open-Mindedness

A Teacher must be open-minded. As an educator, you should be open to advice and compliments – whether positive or negative. You are always criticized by your boss, parents, colleagues, and even students. So rather than feeling bad when someone says something about your teaching, be open-minded when receiving constructive criticism and form a plan of action. Nobody is perfect and there’s always space for improvement. Sometimes, others see what you fail to see.

3.   Be Positive

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Bring good energy in the classroom every single day. You have a smiling face so do not forget to flash it the maximum amount throughout the day. Even if you’re having a nasty day, learn to mask such a mood and allow the kids to see you as their hero. No matter how bad you feel, you are never to let that show. Always keep positive energy in school and around your pupils/students. Don’t let other people’s negativity bring you down with them.

4.   Give your All

No matter what task is given to you as the teacher or how small your class is, you are to give your 100%. Always carry out your task as a teacher with love and without complaints. Be a source of inspiration to the students, and while you are helping them to grow, you also focus on yourself and professional development.

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5.   Be a Role Model

A role model is someone who inspires and encourages others in all situations. People learn a lot from them, and they serve as a guide in their decision-making process in life. A role model could be anyone, a parent, sibling, and a teacher who also impacts life-changing knowledge in their students/pupils.

As a teacher, ensure you seek out more knowledge on how to give your best and not only impart knowledge but develop yourself in the line of teaching.

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