Have Trouble Making a Decision? Use These Uncommon Techniques Instead

Making decisions is hard. We all know that. Sometimes, it seems like we spend more time deliberating over the right choice than we do making a decision. And when it comes to big decisions, this process can be downright agonizing. So what do you do when you can’t seem to make up your mind? Well, here are some uncommon techniques that might help.

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Wheels of Fortune

This technique is based on the idea that making a decision is like spinning a wheel. There is a website that helps choose between yes and no by simply asking a series of questions that will eventually lead to one or the other and then let fate take its course. This can be a fun way to make decisions when you’re feeling stuck, but it’s important to remember that there is no guarantee that things will turn out the way you want them to.

The Checklist

This is another simple technique that can help you make quick decisions. All you need to do is write down all the pros and cons of each option on a piece of paper or in your phone’s notes app. Then, gather up these lists into one place and see which side has more items listed under it (the other way around if you’re trying to figure out how not to do something).

If it’s a tie, then consider adding more pros and cons until there is no longer any ambiguity. If you still can’t decide, try weighing the importance of each item on their lists (i.e., one point for every “yes” or “no”) until the total score indicates which choice should be chosen.

The Decision Tree

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This decision-making technique is often used in business but can be applied to any choice you have to make. The Decision Tree starts with a question that will help you clarify your options. From there, you’ll create a chart with branches for each option and use it to weigh the pros and cons of each possibility. This method is especially helpful when you’re struggling between two equally good choices. The Decision Tree is a great way to take the emotion out of making a decision and focus on what’s important. It can also help you avoid analysis paralysis by quickly narrowing down your options.

The Devil’s Advocate

When you’re struggling to make a decision, it can be helpful to get another perspective. Playing the role of devil’s advocate can help you do just that. Ask someone else to argue against your chosen course of action and consider all the potential downsides. This technique can help you find any holes in your argument and make a more informed choice.

Golden Ratio

The Golden Ratio is a mathematical formula that describes how things grow or change over time. It represents an ideal balance between two extremes and has been used for centuries in art, architecture, music, and literature to create visual harmony. The idea behind this technique is simple: list all your options from worst to best (or vice versa) then pick one at random using this ratio as guidance.

For example, if there are five choices listed with numbers ranging from one through ten then choose seven as it falls on the golden mean of three-fourths (three out of four being closest). If there were six choices instead then eight would be selected since it’s closer than nine which makes up half the total number available). This can help you make quick decisions when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

The Magic Wand

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This technique is great for when you have a lot of options and need to make a decision quickly. You simply close your eyes and imagine yourself using each option. The one that feels the best, or the most exciting, is the one you should choose. This technique can also be used to help with making big life decisions. Imagine your life in five years if you choose one path, versus another. Which scenario feels more appealing? Trust your gut instinct on this one!

The Gut Feeling Technique

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or uncertain about a decision, try using your gut feeling to help guide you. This technique involves paying close attention to how you feel physically when considering your options. If one option feels more right than the others, go with that choice. Trusting your intuition can be a powerful way to make decisions without overthinking them.

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These are just a few of the techniques that you can use when you’re struggling to make a decision. If none of them seem to fit, then don’t be afraid to try something new or even come up with your method.

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