How to Prepare Your Child for Private School Common Entrance Examination

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While schools are ready to admit every child that wants to enroll, they are expected to select the good ones via an entrance examination. Entrance examinations are used by all schools, both private and public schools. And most students and children are under pressure to do well and get into school.

As the parent, rather than adding to the pressure, there are steps that you can take to help them to prepare and secure a successful outcome. We at SchoolsCompass know how worrisome entrance examinations are, but we also know that with the right help and proper preparation it doesn’t need to be terrifying. We have compiled a list of our top five tips to ensure you help your child prepare for their exams in the best way possible.


Create Study Plan

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The surest way to help relieve the tension on your child is to create a study plan. Once you have marked out the exam date on your calendar, the next line of action is to help set up a proper study plan – allocate some hours during the day or for the week to help go over certain topics and prepare them as much as possible to build up their confidence and tackle any problem areas they may have.

If done properly, they do not have to neglect their extra-curricular activities because of the exam. Make sure they have enough time to prepare, and also that they have some days off from study will alleviate some of the pressure they may feel.


Go through Past Questions and Focus on Problem Areas

After the exam date might have been set, your child will definitely need areas to read and concentrate on. It is important for you to know that most schools in Nigeria have their entrance examination question partitioned into 5 sections: Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Mathematics, English Language, and Current affairs. It is more beneficial to focus on the topics that your child struggles with the most to boost their confidence and take away some of the challenges.

Reviewing past papers can also be a great way of preparing a child for the type of exam they will need to sit. Past papers can help a child familiarize themselves with what types of questions they will be asked, how they will be worded, how much time they will have for each question, and what types of answers the examination board is looking for.

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Ask others for Advice

Seeking advice from others can also be of great help to your child. Have your child speak with someone that has sat for such an exam to get some information into what they can expect and what kind of questions came up. Also, speak to your child’s teacher on the best possible way to prepare for the entrance examination.


Get the Help of a Private Tutor

Some parents are busy and may not have time to help their children prepare for the exam. This is where the help of a private tutor comes in. Children generally progress much faster with individual attention and a tutor is the best way to guarantee your child has the best chance at success, especially if they are struggling with certain topics around the exams in question.

A good private tutor will be the one to teach, motivate, and inspire your child during the time he is preparing for the exam.

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Encourage and make your Child feel Confident

Some children fail not because they don’t know it, but because they are not confident in themselves. Even while they are preparing for the exam, always encourage them and let them know it is not about passing the exam, but doing their best and accepting all outcomes. It is your job as the parent to understand the confidence level of your child and work on it before he/she go for the exam.

Entrance exams can be very stressful, but implementing these tips will ensure a smoother preparation process and a happier child. No matter the outcome of the exam, it is always important to note their effort and praise them regardless. Children should never be given the feeling that they have failed at something.

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