School Marketing – 3 Ways to Attract Students and Keep Them in 2022

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Not so long ago, private schools did not need to think about marketing. Education was a need, and it was offered in a relatively standardized manner. However, much has changed since then. With increasing competition among school owners, marketing has become essential for schools in order to attract students – and keep them. It is also essential in these times, as like other businesses, it has become incredibly difficult to predict the future and ensure a steady stream of income.

Private schools across the world faced unexplainable challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the need to protect children and their families during this difficult time. With this, schools were forced to provide eLearning for their students coupled with challenging economies. Another challenge that this presented was students changing schools, and this had placed on school administrators, marketing, and enrollment teams to attract new students to replace those lost, as well as to retain those students that remain for as long as possible.

Ways to Attract and Keep Students

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Content Marketing

One of the most highly regarded forms of marketing that have saved many businesses during troubling times is content marketing. It is thanks to its ability to meet search engine criteria (when done correctly) and provide long-term results. Under this umbrella, we suggest your school works on sharing snippet videos across all of its platforms. Video is by far the most engaging form of content, and there are various things to record to show your school spirit. Ensure these are high quality for the best results.

Another crucial form of content marketing for your school in 2022 is email marketing. You can share various bits of relevant content, predominantly targeted at the parents via email. Having automated systems for this is ideal, and it can keep everyone connected and in the loop, which is key to attracting and keeping students around. Consider sharing checklists and peeks that excite newbies, study guides, updates, and events for current students, and then consider promotions that encourage loyalty. This idea of providing extra value to rally loyalty can extend outside of your school, as you can also share a range of relevant community-based promotions aimed at students.

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Finally, under content marketing, the use of third-party marketing platforms such as SchoolsCompass is effective in attracting prospective students to your schools. SchoolsCompass is an online community that is dedicated to school search, using this platform can also serve as a means of marketing your school, eliminating the cost involved in putting up billboards and printing paper flyers.

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Social Media Marketing

If as a school you are yet to have an online presence, then you are definitely not ready to grow. Social media has become one of the most important aspects of digital marketing for all businesses, as it allows you to build and strengthen your school’s community online. Captivate your audiences by sharing content aimed at the parents or interactive posts for the students.

When it comes to advertising, consider working with influencers – yes, influencer marketing for schools is a trend. You necessarily do not have to pay celebrities if you do not have the money. Your students and parents can also act as your influencers. Think about it – the parents and kids who have built a name for themselves online have influence within their networks, which likely have matching target audiences. Working with the can assist your marketing tenfold.

Finally, when it comes to adverts on social media, consider customizing them in fun ways. For instance, you can create a filter on Snapchat that is designed with relevant branding for a school event as a fun and interactive way to encourage people to share your event. Moreover, think about touching base with all of your audiences – for instance, develop your presence on Facebook if that is where the parents are, have a direct line of communication with messaging apps for convenience, and get creative on the platform the Gen Zs love most – TikTok.

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Your website should be considered an all-important one-stop destination for all things relating to your school. Work to improve your website before you begin your marketing journey, as the user experience on your site can be fierce between someone enrolling at your school or heading elsewhere. It would be best if you worked on the design and functionality of it. It is also of the utmost importance that it is optimized according to SEO best practices. This will improve your organic reach and rankings on search engines.

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Your website needs to include much information – from your values to your fees and campus. It should contain all of the relevant information for current and potential students and parents. It is also a great platform to share press releases and updates on events or workshops that you are hosting. If your school is continuing with remote learning, your website should also communicate this and have a link to any necessary portals or guides necessary.

Finally, as part of the content marketing you share on your website, it is crucial to have a blog. Blogs are a great way to engage with people, be it through helpful content for students and parents, having a regular blog post by the principal is also beneficial, as it can show insight into the happening at school, as well as a consistent form of engagement.

There you have it – 3 crucial marketing ideas to help your school move forward in 2022. The major take-home for all school marketers is to communicate your ability to guard and mold the next generation, which requires having a solid strategy in place. With the tips mentioned above, you will solidify your brand, attracting and retaining students as you go.

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