Why School Marketing is Important in 2022

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School marketing is one of those things that most school owners often overlook. They assume that being a school, their students/pupils with uniform earns them free marketing. One thing schools always fail to realize is that you are a business – the only thing that separates you from a fashion brand is the service that you provide. This means your school also needs marketing. In today’s blog, you can find out exactly why school marketing is crucial for your school in 2022 and beyond!


What is Marketing?

Firstly, we need to understand the real definition of marketing. If we don’t, how can we be able to successfully utilize its power?

Marketing refers to activities a company undertakes to promote the buying and selling of a product and service. Marketing includes advertising, selling, and delivering products to consumers or other businesses.”

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3 Reasons Why School Marketing is Crucial

Now that you have a better understanding of what marketing is, it is time to talk about the major reasons why your school needs successful marketing. Explained below are 4 major reasons why you must consider marketing your school today!


1.   Connects You With Parents

The competition keeps increasing every school year, if you think parents will come to your school because they saw your school bus somewhere, then you are wrong. With people working longer hours, and an increased number of distractions like social media decreasing attention span, not only are you competing with other schools, you’re competing with common life distractions.

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Because of this, the average prospective parent is spending less time researching their child’s school options, and more than likely spending less time visiting schools and attending open days. Instead, they are looking for easily engaging marketing that is clean and easy to read and understand utilizing multiple effective touchpoints. Effective touchpoints to consider implementing when creating a marketing campaign for your school include;

  • Targeted social media campaigns
  • High-quality web presence
  • Clean and concise printed literature
  • Eye-catching school signage

These points, when initiated properly will help to quickly attract prospective parents, helping to influence their decision-making process.


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2.   Helps You Keep up With The Competition

With schools having to constantly compete to attract new students, it is essential that your marketing is strong, consistent, and professional from the outset. First appearances are everything! With this in mind, if your marketing isn’t up to scratch you simply won’t be able to compete successfully against other schools in the area who are marketing their school better than you are.

What is unique about your school? Is there something that you’re proud of or have recently achieved? Consider what makes your school stand out and use that as a focal point in your overall marketing strategy. If you fail to hook prospective parents with engaging marketing, you will never get them through the door to show off what makes your school the perfect place to send their children.

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3.   Attracts High-Quality Teaching Staff

Who doesn’t love progress? People like to align themselves with institutions that they know will help their career, and the same principle applies to teachers. If as a school your marketing is well executed and you implement your school’s uniqueness in your marketing plans, you will most likely attract quality teaching staff that are excited to work with your school.

With the competition among schools for students becoming fierce, the quality of teachers you have in your school might be the reason your enrollment would increase. After all, one major thing prospective parents are looking for in a school is academic achievements.

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