What Age Should You Send Your Child To A Boarding School?

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It is not easy for parents to enroll their wards in boarding schools. But the benefits of a boarding school education outshine the cons and the fear that comes with sending one’s child far away from home. Boarding school can be an excellent way for students to get the education they need and still have time for fun and family, but it’s not for everyone. For most students, going to boarding school is a sign of independence, which day students do not enjoy.

The question that lingers in the mind of most parents is this, is there any proper age for sending a child to a boarding school? While there isn’t any straight answer to this, many believe that the age of 8 to 13 years is the appropriate age. At that age bracket, they are done with their primary education and are moving to secondary education. It is at this age that they want the freedom to do things themselves. Before then you’ve been in the spotlight, helping with every chore and decision-making process.

For kids, decision-making doesn’t necessarily have to be about their future, but decisions like what to wear and how to bathe seem like a good place for them to start. It is the age when children are at the point of being independent and capable of taking care of themselves. They are also capable of following instructions to the best of their ability. However, it is crucial to note that every child is unique. Some children are more skillful than others emotionally and psychologically. Therefore, you need to properly study your kids’ character and decide on the correct age to enroll them in a boarding school.

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With that said, it is universally believed that children must be below the age of 13 and above the age of 8 to get enrolled at a boarding school. The idea is that 13+ kids are already used to a particular lifestyle, and might find it difficult for them to adjust to a new environment. In a more straightforward explanation, the older a child gets, the more difficult it is for such a child to adjust and adapt to new environments and lifestyles quickly. So, you need to enroll your child in a boarding school as early as possible.

Children below the age of 8 are considered too young to care for themselves. Students in boarding schools have to do daily chores and look after their belongings. Therefore, some level of maturity is required to properly carry out these chores; like sweeping, doing laundry, organizing their lockers, independently finishing their homework, etc. also, when children are around others of the same age, they quickly make friends. It allows them to come out of their shell and interact with people. Parents who think their child is an introvert might discover a new personality after receiving a boarding school education. It might help break them out of their mold and sharpen their communication skills.

Innately, young children love to play outdoors, this is where boarding schools offer them the right opportunities. Your child might even learn new skills or find their passion in sports, or even dancing and music. As they play and partake in various activities, children tend to develop leadership skills and problem-solving skills and learn to function as a team. Such lessons come in handy as they grow up in life and move on to join the professional community.


Ultimately, parents want the best for their children. But you need to understand that every child is unique and different. Your child must be emotionally capable of handling being away from home. While you can also enroll your 13+ child in a boarding school, prepare yourself to give them an extra hand so they can comfortably adapt to their new environment.

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