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Sending your child to a boarding school is a major decision for the family. Going to a boarding school means the child will be in a totally different environment, living with kids from different works of life. While going for a boarding school might be a great option for your kids, how then do you go about picking the right boarding school for them?

First and foremost, parents must ensure boarding is the right choice for their child as not every student will be suited to a boarding environment, just as not every school fits every child. In case you are on the lookout for a boarding school, the list below works as a beginning point for things you should consider when settling for a boarding school.

Definitely location, academic program, and facilities will all be factors that help in your decision-making. But in the end, nothing is more important than the overall well-being of your child. When you are choosing a boarding school, your child’s happiness and well-being will naturally be at the forefront of your mind. In other words, a school’s wellness program is the foundation on which everything else should be built. It is the very heart of a school.

Here are 7 considerations to look at when investigating a boarding school for your child:

1.   Are There Student Support Programs in Place?

Does the school have a program that not only supports students through their studies but also guides them through their social and emotional development too?

School life, especially boarding school life, runs deeper than the core academic work. The school years are a crucial time when young people grow, mature, and develop their identities. A great school will support each student as an individual. By providing practical assistance and encouragement, each student can reach their potential and flourish as an individual.

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2.   Can the School Staff Care For Your Child?

If your child will be enrolled in a boarding school, then you should be sure that they will be getting enough care and attention from members of staff. Moreover, that is why you are sending them to a boarding school. Finding a boarding school that is led by staff who are experts in pastoral care is essential when looking for the right school.

You can learn about this from previous and current learners of the school. Your child should be in a safe and caring environment, with a boarding team that is perfectly placed to guide them through any challenging times – this can be particularly useful through the adolescent years.

3.   What Types of Facilities Are Available to Students?

The school’s facilities become part of your child’s daily life and home environment. This means playing fields could be right on their doorstep as well as swimming pools, running tracks, and maybe even a gym. You can also ask about the library, dining facilities, music and arts facilities, and more.

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4.   Members of Staff

Boarding schools are a home away from home. You wish to know who your child would be spending your time with and ensure that you’re comfortable. Get how many faculty members reside on campus and who they are. Ask in case you would have a guardian to assist and look after your child when the need arises. Make connections with hostel matrons and patrons as they would be your Childs’s parents while they are in the hostel.

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5.   Reputation

What are the opinions of current and previous learners on their academics? Are schools alumni certain that their education propels them for the next phase of their lives? Do parents trust they received sound value for their amount when it came to tuition? In order to know better about reputations, refer to the whole rankings. While these lists are far from wider, they do give a useful overview of the specific school.

6.   Does the School Promote Healthy Lifestyle?

Ask whether the school demonstrates a strong commitment to encouraging its students to make healthy lifestyle choices, this should include eating nutritious and balanced meals, and taking advantage of opportunities to participate in organized and recreational sports and activities after school and at weekends.

Physical, nutritional, and mental well-being go hand in hand, and it’s vital that a school provides the space and opportunity for its students to be physically active. Sports programs not only teach essential life skills such as teamwork and resilience; but also give students a chance to unwind, feel refreshed, and find balance in their school life.

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7.   Fee Structure

This is crucial that you concentrate on the cost that you’re needed to pay per year. As your kid lives and has entrance to much more amenities, the cost is usually a little high. Hence, this becomes vital that you focus on this factor also. If perhaps you cannot pay all the fees at once, ensure the school has a considerate payment plan in place to ease the burden.

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