TechGen Africa (TGA) in collaboration with SchoolsCompass Nigeria, presents, CodeLaunch: Empowering the Next Generation of Tech Innovators.

Through this innovative initiative, TechGen Africa (TGA) and SchoolsCompass Nigeria aim to provide young learners with the necessary skills to succeed in this fast-paced digital world. Our experienced instructors are dedicated to helping students reach their full potential and will deliver engaging and interactive coding sessions.
We believe that coding is more than just a skill, it’s a way to make a positive impact on the world. By learning how to code, students can bring their ideas to life, develop problem-solving skills, and gain a deeper understanding of the technology that powers our world.

Join us in this exciting journey and give your child the gift of coding. Enroll in the CodeLaunch program today and watch as they unleash their full potential and become the next generation of tech innovators! So, whether you’re a parent, school administrator, student, or teacher, now’s your chance to empower the next generation of tech innovators!

Join the CodeLaunch initiative today and unleash the full potential of your child. Watch on YouTube and subscribe to our YouTube channel for subsequent episodes.

Video Credit: SchoolsCompass x TechGen Codelaunch 01

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