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riverside-collegeschools in Isheri (OPIC) in Ojodu-Berger/Ogba/Iju

Riverside College

nurturing the heart, challenging the intellect..........
  • An Award from Titans of Tech
  • Chemistry lesson in progress
  • A chess game in progress
  • Amazing Marigold parents taking a salute at an interhouse sports event
  • Lavendar parents also joined in the procession at an interhouse sports event
  • A physics practical class
  • A Biology practical lesson
  • International Diversity Day
  • South African Dance
  • Biology lesson in session
  • Home Economics lesson on baking
  • Coding class
  • Champions of ITIGEN Creative Challenge Competition
  • Learning is real at Riverside College! 3D Learning ongoing in a class.
  • A student using an interactive board during a Science lesson
  • Students at a local market on a price survey for a class project
  • Musical presentation during our Christmas Concert
  • Reviewing the human skeleton

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