Pictures of Lead British International School Abuja in Gwarinpa, Gwarinpa state

lead-british-international-school-abujaschools in Gwarinpa in Gwarinpa

Lead British International School Abuja

  • LBIS Pupils Morning Routine
  • LBIS-Fine Arts room
  • LBIS-Home Economics Lab
  • LBIS-Physics Lab
  • LBIS- Early Years- Toddlers
  • LBIS-Open House
  • LBIS-Senior Management Team in Black and white
  • LBIS-Music room
  • Lead British International School
  • LBIS-Teachers
  • LBIS-University Fair for Secondary Students
  • LBIS- New intakes being led to write entrance exam
  • LBIS- Cute Toddlers
  • LBIS-Open Day Parent-Teacher
  • LBIS-Boarder Girls
  • LBIS Boarding
  • LBIS Students Back2School
  • LBIS Secondary Boys (Pre-Covid-19)
  • LBIS Secondary Girls (Pre-Covid)
  • LBIS Early Years Pupils
  • LBIS Biology Lab-Practical (Pre-Covid)
  • LBIS- Secondary Students (Pre-Covid)
  • LBIS-School Bus Drivers (Pre-Covid 2020)
  • LBIS Early Years/ Crèche
  • LBIS-Primary Pupils
  • LBIS- Security Representative

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