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Lagooz Montessori

Par Adua Ad Astra "Through Difficulty to the stars"
  • We believe in the potentials of our role models.
  • Lagooz nursery pupils
  • Lagooz primary pupils fostering ethnicity and morality
  • learning is fun in lagooz schools because we are of the perspective that until an ideal and ambient environment is created,limitations in learning is inevitable.
  • Extra -curricular engagement is highly prioritized in L;agooz schoolss
  • Personal development is germane in Lagooz schools
  • Our facilities reveals our desires and believe that the future belongs to those who are rightly equipped to stay relevant in this competitive dispensation.
  • creativity is our mindset
  • 2021 Napps Children's Day Debate.we are committed to raising role models
  • Boarding Facility

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