Pictures of Goseld Nursery And Primary School in Iyana Ipaja, Ikotun Egbeda Ipaja state

goseld-nursery-and-primary-schoolschools in Iyana Ipaja in Ikotun/Egbeda/Ipaja

Goseld Nursery And Primary School

Laying Foundation For Stars
  • Practical Session
  • GOSELD Student playing flute , glitter and violin
  • GOSELD Cultural Day
  • Parents Meeting
  • Discussion session with Class Teacher
  • Student Playing Court
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Books Storage
  • First Aid Bed
  • Goseld Student showing their talents
  • School Bus
  • Teacher and Her Student
  • Instructor with His student
  • School Building
  • Front Building
  • School Building 2
  • Nursery Chat Room 2
  • Primary Class Room 1
  • Goseld School Kitchen

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