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Kingston College

Rebuild, Reform and Result.
  • In the spirit of excellence, our current overall best students, Omojowolo Tumininu and Omojowolo Fimise, in Year 12 and Year 9 respectively, triggered the Grandex Stores shopping gift cards they won as a result of their achievements on Tuesday, the 2nd of
  • Kingston College, we encourage our students to read, for there is no investment greater than the investment in knowledge. Readers are leaders, and leaders rule the world. We are building a generation of leaders, who will take this country and the world
  • Kingston College is making Kings and Queens out of students. We have sound teachers that inspire growth in the mindset of your children. We have an environment that breathes Excellence and Order that instill habits of successful people into the lives of
  • Biology Practical lab
  • Table Tennis Court
  • Standard Library
  • Conducive Dinning Room
  • Chemistry Lab
  • Standard Basket ball court for students.
  • Standard Football Pitch for the students.
  • Standard Table Tennis Court.
  • Conducive Hostel facilities
  • Students during ICT practical
  • Orchestral performance by students
  • Student Creative Music club performance
  • Technical Workshop
  • Standard Administrative Building
  • Standby generator and Transformer
  • Students in chemistry Practical Class
  • Well equipped Biology Lab
  • Students after CCP practical.
  • Standard and conducive Accommodation facilities for students.

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