Your child can learn while having fun. Try these tips this holiday

Most parents believe that the school provides all a child needs.This belief leaves many aspects of the child’s life unattended to and in the course of this certain needs are bypassed and tagged unimportant. After school and during holidays the child is neglected and lonely having little or no friends outside school. Boredom comes knocking and most parents are comfortable plopping their children down in front of the television or game console.

Too much television is not healthy, the child knows little of the outside world and his social skills continue to deplete. A child is structured with what he sees and experiences, feelings as well as intellect are developed inline with the environment. The brain should not be dulled, help your child keep it in constant motion with fun activities and healthy challenges like these:

Learning a new skill: there are many skills children can learn from bead making to woodwork. Let your child pick whichever fascinates them the most and watch them have fun and learn. They can sell their products after they’ve made them, this helps them learn about money and value.

Learning a new language: the benefits of your child learning a new language was duly highlighted in our previous post. Learning a new language can be fun and challenging at the same time this keeps them occupied and developing.

Joining educational clubs: During the holidays you can sign your child up with an educational club like a book club, JET club or MAD science club. They get to make new friends outside school. In addition to learning they also develop social skills which they will need as they get older.

Travel: Nothing widens your horizon like travelling. Your Child does not have to visit another country, a family trip to a new town, city or state can be quite as amazing. Learning a different custom and trying out new food can be wonderful brain catalysts and an efficient boredom killer. Also boosts family love creates special family memories and tightens family bond.

Go for educational concerts and fairs: fairs and concerts can be quite fun. Your child gets to meet like minds in a healthy environment. They also get to try new things and gain worthwhile experiences. Educational fairs help them with career choices. They enjoy stage performances, storytelling sessions and interactive games. Qualified persons also give talks which children are encouraged to participate in. These activities helps boost your child’s social development further.

Museums and zoos also provide healthy clean fun environments where your child learns whilst having immense fun.

Children learn best while they’re having fun, these fun activities will give your child a wealth of knowledge and keep them busy all through the holidays.

We hope this article has been quite helpful, some schools provide these activities during the course of the session. If you’re interested in finding these schools click here and our search button and filters will guide you.

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