As early as two years old a child knows what is right or wrong, she knows banging on the table is wrong after you have told her so with your words or facial expression. Values are not about knowing right or wrong, it is about doing the right thing.

Academic advancement is wonderful but what happened to respect?  Winning a gold medal in swimming is great but where did manners go? Today parents and schools concentrate so much on academics and physique they totally forget values.

I’m not here to talk to the schools, I’m here to talk to parents. For a better tomorrow we need to help children develop and maintain good values.

It all begins with you

The apple does not fall far from the tree, your child will look at you and emulate what you do. Show a good example: greet people, give respect, teach forgiveness by forgiving and watch your child pick up all these.

Spend time with them

Spend time with your child and acquaint yourself with their budding personality. Ask open ended questions, listen to them, show them that you actually care about what they think. When you have a good relationship with your child they will most likely come to you when  a moral dilemma comes up.

Set down rules

Already laid down rules and punishment for breaking these rules helps push your child to make the right decision. Discipline is important after a rule is broken or it is all just words.

 Talk to them about moral values

Teach them the golden rule but be mindful how you talk about it because children hate getting lectured. Ask their opinions on whatever you are talking about make it a discussion and not a lecture.

Monitor your child’s tv shows

It is an over flogged issue but you really should monitor what your child watches as these shows influence your child’s behaviour.  Violent and aggressive shows/video games should not be allowed, positive shows/video games that teach good values should be encouraged instead.

Praise efforts

Rewarding good behaviour is important but don’t forget to commend them when they make obvious effort. Praise their strengths and efforts.

A synergy with a school that supports your views on moral values works best because your efforts at home will be continued in school where they will be spending the most part of their day. You can find these schools here


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