The fast is over! In the spirit of the celebration let’s discuss schools that provide an environment which lets children learn and live Islam. With so many secular schools today many muslim parents claim they find it hard to find a school that wholly integrates islamic cultures and values with academics.

Pupils of First Islamic English Education Foundation[FIEF] Academy
A child studying in an environment which mirrors values they learn at home creates in them social and emotional stability that helps them do better in their academics and social interactions.

There would be less morale clashes in the school environment because everyone has the same values and work with the same belief, your child is free to be themselves.

Merry smiles from Fareedah Schools

Here are schools that offer a fusion of Islamic values and  academic excellence:

Crescent Schools

Crescent Schools is a group of schools consisting of  Crescent Nursery And Primary School, 1004 Housing Estate and Crescent Schools, Victoria Island, Lagos (secondary).

Crescent Schools offers your child an inspiring and mutually beneficial environment through a dedicated and self-motivated staff.

Crescent schools develops your child into a responsible, critical thinking decision maker.

Crescent Schools‘ roots is founded on the islamic culture hence the interflow of Qur’an, Arabic and Islamic Studies in a regularly updated academic curriculum.

First Islamic English Education Foundation[FIEF] Academy

First Islamic English Education Foundation[FIEF] Academy has successfully created an environment where great importance is attached to quality teaching of a Saudi Arabian curriculum skillfully blended with strict moral upbringing according to Islamic tenets.

Great emphasis is placed on the development of your child spiritually, physically and academically. 

First Islamic English Education Foundation[FIEF] Academy inculcates qualitative secular education along with modern day Islamic teachings, culture and values in your child from the cradle.

Your child’s education at First Islamic English Education Foundation[FIEF] Academy can go further past secondary level with an institution and Arabic school.

Kaztal kiddies Academy

Kaztal kiddies Academy  provides your child a constantly updated British-Nigerian Curriculum blended with proven Montessori method all deeply rooted in core islamic values and discipline.

 Kaztal kiddies Academy  remains one of the leading muslim schools in the country. Utilising up to date facilities and dedicated, highly trained staff Kaztal Kiddies Academy has successfully carved a niche for themselves in the academic world.

At Kaztal Kiddies Academy your child gains an unparalleled Islamic education for life in line with spiritual and moral values all based on the Holy Qur’an and authentic Sunnah of the Holy Prophet.

Fareedah Schools

Fareedah Schools comprising of Fareedah’s Children’s Place and Fareedah College is a place where children are accepted, loved and catered for.

An Islamic Faith Based School, Fareedah Schools uses the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum in preschool and a blend of the Nigerian and British Curriculum in further years.

Fareedah schools understand the importance of childhood, knowing it is a time for exploring, creating,  meeting the world and learning. With so many extracurricular activities and events your child is constantly excited by school. To ensure your child has  a head start in life Fareedah Schools has prepared a caring, warm and motivating environment.

With a team of qualified personnel who understand children needs and constantly revised and appropriate educational materials your child is supported to reach past the stars.

Al- Faruq International School

Al- Faruq International School is an outstanding Islamic School that provides your child with an all round education whilst encouraging spiritual  growth. Al- Faruq International School develops minds to be academically and spiritually sound, highly dynamic and self-reliant.



Manaaru-l-huda Schools

Manaaru-l-huda Schools (primary and secondary) simultaneously provides qualitative secular and Islamic education using professional handlers for both ends.

Well-grounded teachers teach all subjects including Ustazhs who handle Hifzhul Qur’an (Quranic memorization), Qiraa’ah (Recitation), Kitaabah (Writing), Tajweed (Science of pronunciation and articulation), Hadeeth, Aadaab (Etiquettes), Arabiyyah (Spoken Arabic) and many more.

Your child not only learns to speak english but also to communicate in Arabic, memorise and recite the holy Qur’an with Tajweed (proper pronunciation and articulation of letters). 

There are many more where these came from visit our website and shop for schools yourself.

It’s not a discussion if it’s one sided, talk to us in the comment section below.

Maintaining moral values can be tricky in today’s amoral society, these few tips will help you help your child at home.

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