I was having a conversation with a friend and we got talking about school activities. Her 8 year old daughter was having an intense interest in taekwondo and she was not very supportive. Her reason? “Nwanne it is unladylike, why is she learning to fight?” Before I start going on about the value these activities give our angels I want to make sure everyone knows that no extracurricular activity is gender based. Ballet is not for just girls, it is gender neutral same with taekwondo, JETS, Foreign languages and all others.

Many of us don’t know the value of these clubs, we just understand the basic ones like debate, press, theatre and so on. I hope after reading this you will understand more and won’t be so skeptical when dues from the club come up.


Just like my friend many parents see these activities as fighting and nothing more. They are actually arts of self defense but despite teaching your children how to protect themselves they teach discipline. The first thing a child learns is respect and obedience, the child learns to do what she is told because of the respect she has for her instructor.

Children involved in any of these clubs learn to confront their fears, they imbibe in them a type of confidence that grows with them through life. Thanks to the complicated moves children improve their concentration and memory while doing some fun exercises. Like all clubs they are social, children make new friends and interact with others in a free, fun and safe environment.


The name alone makes you see the value instantly. JETS club teaches your child science and not just any science the practical kind the kind that sticks with them for life because one or more of their senses observed it firsthand. This club encourages students to participate, compete and excel in STEM( Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) disciplines.

So if your child is in this club please support them, even if you feel they might not end up in the science field let them explore.


Ballet is such a wonderful sight, watching children dance with such coordination and grace makes every parent proud. Ballet offers musical exposure it introduces them to a lot of dance combinations, better music and the world of performance art all this enhances your child’s sensory awareness and confidence. In addition to coordination and grace, ballet helps your child get flexible and gives them a good background in the event of them going into performance arts.


Strategy games like these mentioned improves the concentration and academic performance of your child, regular practice also improves self-confidence which is extremely essential your child’s growth.
Playing these games right from childhood enhances the learning, thinking, analytical power, and decision-making ability of the child.
They learn to analyze and strategize which goes a long way in life.
Children that begin playing chess from an early age exhibit extraordinary memory skills,and learn the importance of being disciplined in life.


The capitalist system is reigning strong in today’s world market and most probably tomorrow’s. Your child learning to make their stand with more than his formal education is every parent’s dreams. An entrepreneur can survive in any condition and anywhere in the world because they are more innovative than the rest. They control the labor force.

Don’t forget to help out with calculations and ideas when needed

These set of people are not born, they are made. Schools use this club to teach students the essentials they need to survive in the global market physically and digitally. Children learn to begin businesses and maintain them, they research the products or services they will offer and look carefully into the costs needed to set up their small business. This  club develops the child’s ability to work in a team and make strategic decisions efficiently.


A club for our young philanthropists, give club is all about giving back to the community. The club instructors help the children develop genuine ways they can give back to the community. It helps children develop the spirit of giving and at the same time they learn the value of time, money and effort. Children are exposed to the outside world where they learn how to manage social interactions.

English is not enough anymore, your child should be good at at least one foreign language, here’s why

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