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A very beautiful school with qualitative teachers, modern teaching aids, well equipped library as well as science laboratories and technical education workshop. Their boarding facilities are excellent and replicates a home ambience. The environment and infrastructure are very conducive for proper learning and extra curricula activities. Discipline is the watch word. My daughter loves the School and will never accept a change to another school up until her completion of Secondary education.
A great School with everything a boarding school requires to function effectively. My son just graduated from this school, the second is there and the third choose not to attend any other except THE BELLS. My advise to the Teachers is to keep up the good work.
The Bells is a unique school in many ways. It has good quality and dedicated staff, beautiful scenery and a plethora of activities for the students to engage in. The school trains its students not only to inspire good academic performance but to also help them learn how to balance this with the many extra curricular activities the school offers.
love this school
The Bells Secondary School has served as a great platform for the growth, mentoring and preparation of our children for higher education and even for social life. Their curricular emphasizes academic discipline while blending it with extracurricular activities such as public speaking and leadership training. The Bells Management instill responsibility, respect, and social integration all of which have made our children stand out amongst their peers. We have had our children at the Bells since 2006 and our experience has been a great one.



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