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Main Reviews (by 24 parents)

Eliada is the right school for the child you truly love.
Great school
Excellent schools
Eliada International Schools build a total child. Think Eliada! Think a Total Child.
Eliada International School is a good school. My kids love it there.
Eliada is a safe and qualitative learning environment for the proper dissemination of values in the mist of emerging world challenges.
It has been a mind-blowing experience here Eliada, my boys kept thinking and talking of Eliada which translates to the quality of service and the overall input on their mental minds and upbringing. Well done team Eliada, and keep up the good works.
Eliada int'l Schools is indeed the place to raise a total child. Redefining excellence at it's peak????
My child started here when she was 1yr9mths..and so far, my experience has overwhelmed my friends and family. The way she conducts herself and reason for her age, marvels all. Am so impressed with the educational quality of Eliada, I can only pray that the standard improves and take them to higher heights . It's a place where education is not mixed with laxity, value for money can not be overemphasized. Am happy to be here. Ride on team Eliada
Eliada Intl Schools has the qualities in building a total child. The environment is very conducive and learning is fun in EIS
Eliada International School is a place to train a future generations. I can test for it. Thanks.
My three daughter has attended Eliada for five years now. They absolutely love the school and the staff. Their teachers are a great encouragement and and the academic program is great. There is an absolute feel of family about the school.
The school is amazing
Eliada International schools is a great school situated in an environment that is conducive for effective learning, with well trained professional teacher that you can trust to bringing the best out of your wards.
Eliada international school, gives you a value for your money.
EIS is one great school that is of a good and high academic standard. The best gift you can give to your child/ward.
EIS is a very intentional school... Intentional about the all-round development of learners. With a suitable learning environment, amazing tech-oriented staff and a curriculum that caters for every child's individual need, EIS is definitely the right choice anytime, anyday!
Eliada International Schools is an amazing school that gives the best to their learners. Learning is always interesting in EIS.
Eliada International school is the school for the child you love. A trial will convince you
EIS is a great school ,ensuring all round development of all learners with a Serene environment for learning and sustains a high degree of discipline among staff, learners and all it activities and is still making waves in this challenging times.
Eliada international school is a citadel where emerging global leaders are nurtured. Give your wards the opportunity today!
Eliada International Schools is a school for the total child.
It's one of the best school to impact the right learning/ knowledge to your ward. Enroll your child now and thank me later. Dr Ugochukwu Onwugbufor



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