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British Park School is one of the strongest schools I've encountered. It has kind students and strong helpful teachers. My daughter (Amelia Rose Abboud) from her first day of school learned how to hold a pencil and trace. I'm extremely happy with the school and especially with her teacher Miss Blessing who is the nursery teacher, she is such an amazing teacher and has helped my daughter extremely, and my daughter loves her teacher. Unfortunately because we are moving back to the United Kingdom we need to transfer our daughter to a school in London. I wish I could move British Park School with us along with all of the teachers. I recommend British Park School to anyone who wants to give their child a great education. Mrs Karine Abboud 13/06/2021
Thank you for inspiring our kids whose lives have never been the same since they met you. You are undoubtedly the best, both the teachers and the school management team
I had a wonderful experience with Park British School. My two sons attended this Primary school and I can tell you they offer best quality academically and they listen to you. They are concerned when the student is struggling and immediately take measures to rectify this. They train and retrain their teachers and carry out performance appraisal for them. They are able to engage their students both academics and in social activities. I believe they have mastered their model and it works! They build for your child a solid foundation in Primary school making secondary education very easy for the child. I strongly recommend them.
My daughter started from crèche and she is almost 6 now but she is way ahead of her peers! It’s the quality and style of education for me. Particular attention is given to children and the no tolerance for bullying. I recommend for her every parent. Everyone around me wants to change their children’s schools.
When my son joined, he had only learnt sounds but could not read, this is his third term and he can read almost any word. What’s most exciting is his eagerness to learn and to read. I am very impressed with the service at PBS Lekki.????????????????????????



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