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I think it is a big testimony that our children joined very good schools here in our new abode with no problems. This, due in part, to the foundation built through their education in AMIS. Though they have settled here, they think and talk a lot about their friends and teachers in AMIS. AMIS is a wonderful school with very personable, dedicated and caring staff. They give countless additional hours after school to lend a hand to a pupil in need, a parent or to just make an extra curricular activities extra special. They do this willingly! I deeply benefited from your partnership thus my sincere congrats and thanks to AMIS. Best Regards, Mrs Akahomhen.
My boy joined Ash Merlyn from another school, where he was coming first in class every single term. we realised during the entrance procedures into Ash Merlyn that he was nothing close to what we were made to believe by the previous school’s administration. That was strange, right? But that was the fact. Anyway, Ash Merlyn took over the remoulding of my boy which even included stepping him down one class (we didn’t find it funny though) and assigned an afterschool teacher for one academic year. My son eventually became the most improved boy at P4. He indicated interest in going to Secondary School and we asked that he justify it by passing entrance examinations, which he did! Yes, he passed all the entrance examinations he took. In fact he did so well in his current school that the school called in to congratulate us on his performance at the entrance examination. Honestly, a lot of schools these days are academic disasters just waiting to happen. My boy is doing well and we bless God that we found Ash Merlyn when we did Chioma KenOshionya
7B Estate Road, Woji. Port Harcourt. 23rd April, 2019. The Head of School, Ash Merlyn International School Port Harcourt. Letter of Endorsement for Ash Merlyn international school. Port Harcourt The choice of school for the educational development of children is no doubt, a glaring challenge in our societies. The foundational stage (primary level) is of great importance as any compromise at this level has a very high degree of impact on the character formation and the entire development of a child. Ash Merlyn international school has offered services of hopefor building the desired attributes and characters in the lives of my children, emphasis would be on Ngozichukwuka Faith Chiazor-Nwaebuni, who is currently in her final level in the primary section, as she has demonstrated this in her moral and academic output on several occasions. Examples are in relation to the manner in which she approach some tasks other than her academic works, her outstanding performances in the recent entrance examinations to secondary schools and other external examinations in the past. The teachers and other relevant members of staff of this center of educational excellence have continued to make positive impacts on her life and that of her younger siblings. It is important to state that this feat is also evident in the attitude of some other children in Ash Merlyn whom I have had cause to interact with. May I use this avenue to bring a word of hope to every parent or guardian whose interest is “seeking a solution” to obtaining a standard educational center or environment for quality learning for their children and wards. I strongly believe that many other parents have their testimonies with regards to educational developments of their children in Ash Merlyn International school as much as I do. My sincere applaud goes to the teachers, the non-academics staff and the founders of this great home for the development of our great leaders of tomorrow. Finally, I would recommend that you uphold and continue to strive for greater feat in the years ahead and ensure that the attitude is sustained in your secondary school level section. On behalf of my family, I would love to say “Congratulations” on your achievements of restoration of hope and standards in early child and primary education in our neighborhood. Yours truly, Jolly Nwaebuni Chiazor
26th APRIL, 2019. The genesis of this wonderful educational experience is traced back to the summer school program. (Excellence Model Program, EMP as it is known at Ash Merlyn) where we enrolled the kids. It was indeed a noble idea to get them acquainted with the school’s modus operandi; that decision was worth every thought. Our kids sharpened their skills and they now exhibit a great deal of confidence in the learning process and express their delight with deeper conceptual and communication skills. Without reservation; we have been with this unique school till date. With frame work that is holistic and a unique curriculum structure, Ash Merlyn International has consistently maintained excellence at all levels of child education. Please don’t give it a second thought, get right here and build a strong foundation for the moral, academic and social development of your child, you will watch your kids evolve before your eyes. The leadership and staff are effective and the result of their commitment is seen everywhere. They are really building Global Champions. Engr. &Mrs. Daibi Oruene. Sotonye Michelle Primary 1 Gold Ibiene Valery Nursery 1 Jasmine



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