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Excellent school. Highly recommended for balanced and quality education. One of few schools that provide real value for money.
Fantastic school that caters for the total child. I have experienced it, still experiencing it, would recommend this school any day.
I love their culture of 'giving back to the community ', it has great impact on the children. Well balanced academic and extra curricular activities; passionate teachers and care givers.
Fantastic school that caters for the total child with emphasis on giving back to the society. Will recommend it any day.
Olashore International School turns your young child into a well grounded, independent minded young adult after 6 years. All OIS graduates are potential leaders in any capacity
Olashore International School is simply the Best!
Have been with the school for ten years. No regrets whatsoever
you guys should update your website name or change it because www.olashoreschool.com is leading to a website with harmful content please change it quickly



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