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Write your review herei thank God every single day that I took the decision to take my kids to Mindbuilders School. beautiful environment, quality teachers, firm, discipled yet caring and friendly. Academic and moral excellence too. mindbuilders school gives us much more than our money's worth.
I have been with mind builders school since 2007,and it’s been a great academic experience for my kids, the school has helped build my children academically,morally and also helped built thier self confidence,I would say it is the best among the rest,keep it up.
My son just joined Mind Builder's, it's one of the best decision I took I 2018. The school is well rounded with respect to academics and socials. They have so many teachers taking different subjects and they are good at what they do. Their are labs for specific subjects like ICT, Music, Arts etc. It's really a place to start a child for elementary school. And the fee is reasonable for the services rendered.
Mindbuilders school has had a great impact in my son's academic. Their academic standard is superb because they aim high. It has also helped me to see the great talent in my son as he can now play the saxophone and he is a good footballer.All this knowledge is from this great school. I love Mindbuilders school. It's the best
The school environment is pupils friendly and very affordable. Their standard is top notch and teacher treat my children as theirs by correcting them right, and also they take good care of them. I’m glad to be part of these MBS family.
This coming September will mark 8yrs since my son joined Mind builders in nursery 1.... His improvement has been tremendous and I commend the school for a laudable and unflinching standard. They've been able to sustain it over the years. I will always recommend the school anytime, anywhere. Keep up the good work!
I have seen tremendous development in my sons since they joined Mind builders school since 2017. The school is grounded in terms of academic. I recommend it anytime any day
Mind builders school is well grounded but in terms of academics and social life. My children have improved since they started attending the school. I would recommend the school any day.
The school has been growing significantly and I commend the Management for their consistence in good standard and competitiveness.



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