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My son graduated from mictec and I can say that mictec is a school I would recommend to any parent any day . Mictec is known for bringing out the best in every child, mictec has a fantastic curriculum and their students are known for good morals.
My daughter is currently a student at Mictec international High school. She has experienced both the boarding school and the day school. The boarding facilities are top notch. The school creates avenue for the students to discover their purpose. The teachers are of high quality. I am looking forward to bringing my younger children to the school. Mrs Chukwuma
My first daughter graduated from MICTEC and second daughter about to graduate. The quality of education and curriculum is superb and enabler for developing high aptitude and positive attitude of the students. The teachers are experienced and friendly with high level of dedication. I will recommend the school to parents who want value for their investments on their kids.
We have a Daughter currently in grade 7, so far so good. The experience has been exciting for her on one part and also for us the parents. The school has a functional means of identifying skills/talents and by extension our Daughter has been directed towards her strengths.
Mictec, great school! When my twins joined the school I always complained of too much homework but later realize is to keep them busy and focus. Though the children were enjoying it. To God be the glory they graduated with the best. Their sister is presently in the school now. Mictec brings out the best in every child (both academic and talent). My children experienced both Day and Boarding, the facilities are good. The Principal, teachers and other staff are well experienced and friendly. MICTEC is a school I would recommend to any parent. Mrs. F. Folayan
My first son attended the school for his senior secondary and graduated with excellent result to gain merit list admission to UNILAG while his two younger siblings are experiencing quality learning that no doubt brings out the best in them. I am sold on the academic standard of Mictec and pleased to recommend the school to other parents.
Mictec is a school with high moral and academic standard.
MICTEC provides solid infrastructure and quality personnel to help bring out the best in your wards.
Mictec international high school is a school with God fearing and dedicated teachers. A school with a winning Spirit.



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