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Main Reviews (by 12 parents)

I am glad I registered my child in a school that feels like a home away from home.
At first, I was skeptical about registering my child in a school distant from home. I ended up realizing that I made the best decision registering my child with Platform Schools.
My daughter spent a couple of years in the Montessori School and it really helped her grow academically. This was what influenced us to continue her education in the college.
I registered my first child in the school just because of what someone told me about the school. Today, two of my other children are registered in the school because of the results I could see in my first child registered in the school.
After my experience with my child schooling in the college, I just had to suggest the Montessori to my neighbours who are glad I did.
This is a school that made my son love learning and reading more than watching TV. I am glad I registered my son here.
I made a number of great decisions this year. Registering my daughter with Platform Montessori School was one of them.
It's so amazing when I see the enthusiasm my daughter uses to go to school. Unlike in the past, she now has more friends, speaks more confidently and engages in outdoor games. I'm so glad I registered my daughter with Platform Montessori School.
I was impressed about many things about Platform Montessori School but what caught my attention the most was the day I visited the school and saw how the staffs treated the pupils. I just knew that my daughter was going to be alright and comfortable.
I am glad I took the advice of a friend to register my son at Platform Montessori School. He used to be the shy type to talk or make comments even when he knows the right answer but ever since he became of student of Platform Schools, all has changed. I don't know how they did it but I surely am grateful for how much they made my son become outspoken and bold to express himself.
It's been a beautiful experience for my daughter at Platform Montessori School. I have watched her improve greatly in her academics and I am so proud of her.
Three things I am most interested in a school...1. Their curriculum 2. Safety and security of my child 3. Track record. Platform Schools has it all and I'm glad that I registered my child at Platform Schools.



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