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Arndale Academy is really a great citadel of learning. The best place for your children to be. The facilities are top notch and they are there to help hone your children skills.
Nothing is left to wishful thinking when it comes to providing the right envoronment, equipment and skills needed to educate the pupils with 21st century knowledge and skills
Excellent staff and best 21st century equipment and facilities. Arndale Academy is a great citadel of learning for your kids.
The best school!!
A learning environment with a fantastic set of teachers. A home away from home for children and a balanced environment for morals and 21st century teaching contents to be taught. I am happy to be a part of the family!
Arndale Academy is at the forefront of Edutechnology, nurturing students' character, and providing exceptional educational experiences that prepare students for a successful future. It is indeed a 'one stop shop' for academic and moral excellence.



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