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Was at the LTV blue roof the cubing competition was impressive i saw this school performed and applauded their school once they were through. 25 rubik's cube within that short time?? Those kids were cool...
Quiet environment,good learning facilities and spacious classrooms what a beautiful school!
The students' performances at the Artspiration Poetry Competition organized by Goethe was 'Whao!'I was especially thrilled by this special piece 'A man of words'.
i am impressed with the available info of this school and so much more with what the gallery has passed across about the school environment and activities taking place in this school. this is a school to check out i must say
You can say that again Victor. Thanks
@ayokunle...is this the same school i saw in debiruss school lekki holding a science day quiz with some schools..if it is true,forget the school is BAD(beyond ancestral dimension)....i mean too good. The kids are good nd brilliant...
Albesta, as the name conot is a school that makes your child a star among his peers
A good and conducive learning environment that offers opportunity for any student to succeed academically. I did not regret withdrawing my first daughter from another school to Albesta Academy. Students in Albesta always perform well in competitions and external exams. The standard of moral and Christian virtues being inculcated in the students is commendable.
My personal experience ; Two of my sons graduated from ALBESTA , they are currently doing exceptionally well in the university now in the field of Engineering. Two of my girls are currently studying in the school and our baby girl can not wait anymore to join the sisters!
ALBESTA ACADEMY is a great school that made much impact in the life of my daughter-Bisola Tolulope Ogundare. She was one of the pioneer students of the school in 2006 and today she is almost completing her degree in Law at Babcock University. Albesta is a school well noted for character building,sound education and bringing up their students in the way of the Lord and preparing them for future leadership. I therefore recommend the school to all parents both locally and abroad. If you want the best for your children or wards in areas mentioned above,then ALBESTA is a leading choice school in Nigeria.
At Albesta Academy, the standards are high affordable‎, reasonable with 21st century facilities. The laboratory, hostel, classrooms, IT, sporting arena, academic and non academic are world Class.
At Albesta Academy, the standards are high affordable‎, reasonable with 21st century facilities. The laboratory, hostel, classrooms, IT, sporting arena, academic and non academic are world Class.
Albesta academy is a very good school that teaches the children good morals. Academic standards are quite high that prepare the children for higher educational pursuit. My daughter who is now study Business Administration in the university had been excellent in her performance so far all kudos to a good foundation. I encourage the management of the school to keep up the good work and do not allow the academic standard fall low at any time. God bless all of us.
The School provided my child with an opportunity to participate in various external academic and non -academic competitions, thereby unleashing her leadership potentials. I believe that the school learning philosophy provides an opportunity for students to realize their callings.
Albesta is a school where academic excellence thrives, it is a place where the right behavioural and godly values are built up in our children.
Honestly saying the school is the best is not an understatement. What can make me to ignore all other schools in Abuja and send my son to the school all the way, you should know that I have made my research and saw that is more preferable morally, spiritually, sound education, sound mind, excellent performance, well groomed environment,high academic standard, good facilities for children and practically sound as they have the recent laboratory facilities and all. Keep on flying and go on producing the best stars in the world.
Iam extremely pleased with my daughter's SS1-SS3 years in Albesta.The experience brought back confidence in herself leading to continous better performance term after term and year after year.AA should should maintain their AA status in Godly values, academic excellence,leadership training and exceptional extra curricular performances.God will reward both the staff and management of AA IJN amen!
The students academic, moral, spiritual and fear of God has proved the school name " All best star " my two sons are leading in their university at engineering course, my baby girl currently in ss1 can't wait to be with her brothers. Strongly recommend albesta academy value for our future. I have no regrets sending my children there.
"ALL BEST STAR" is a place for any parent that wants to inculcate both moral and academic values to his or her child. My son spent 6 years with them and am proud to say it has paid off. His first year result at Crawford Uni. has also proved this. May God continue to reward both the staff and management of this great school, in Jesus Name
I am pleased with the exemplary academic performance of students in Albesta academy and pray that this trend be continued by the school management in order to become a one-stop shop among schools in Nigeria.
What can I more say?
A world class post primary institution, building intellectuals in a fast track. My two kids that passed through this school obtained their GCE results in good grades whilst still in SS2.
I have never doubted the fact that this school will go places. Best learning environment, hands-on Proprietors/staff, Christian values at times like this...I could go on and on. Two of my children passed thru Albesta and today, they are still flying the flag high and proudly too. Thanks Be To God.
I will recommend this school any day.
Highly Recommended
Fantastic approach to raising children



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